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Friday 8 September 2017

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Being a freelancer has its good and bad sites. One of the good sites is that I can work from home in PJ's and no one will ever know, that's also how I survived the video calls from my boss several times - white shirt, black blazer and the PJ's below the table. But even at work - no matter if you're a freelancer or you've got a normal job - some products are necessary - especially if you've got an allergy or skin/health condition. 

How was I inspired to make this post? And why do I use any cosmetics products during the work?
One day I woke up and I just looked on my desk when I saw 2 of the products that I'm going to show you today. I just thought that keeping these products on my desk is not that stupid - I've got some bad reactions because I spend whole days in front of the computer, my eyes are reacting pretty bad right now not only because of my work but also because I'm allergic so grass and other green stuff during this season is not my friend. 

What do I use at work?
First of all, I have to admit that sometimes I need to remove my makeup during my work and that's why I keep RE:P Gentle Face Cleaning Remover Pad and I'm not 100% happy with this product - of course, it has lots of good sites, I bought it for around 10$ so that's really cheap but it hurts my eyes a little bit but the ingredients of this product are pretty good. Another thing I keep with me especially during the summer is thermal water - why it's better than regular water? Thermal water contains more minerals - I also use thermal water before I go to sleep during the summer, I like to spray it on my arms and legs. Face mists might work for you too, I still use my favourite Olive Mist from Whamisa - you can use it on your makeup too especially if you've got the combination or oily skin. One of the products I always get lots of question about is Neogen White Truffle Laycure Oil Balm Pact - it's a cushion with Truffle Oil which you're applying on your skin like a normal cushion, there's a stick version too but I feel like Oil Balm works for longer, I use it as a makeup base because it gives a natural glow. This product is recommended for dry skin but it works pretty nice on my combination skin, I'll for sure repurchase it next year because I still have lots of product left even if I use it more than twice a day.

Sheet masks, hand masks, etc?
I know that foot mask at work is too much, even I do not do that because I feel like it's impossible no matter if you work at an office or from home. But sheet masks and hand masks are sometimes possible. Probably the mask that works the best for me at work was the one from Klairs. If you have dry hand then taking a hand cream it's a good idea but hand masks? It depends on your job but I feel like in 90% of jobs that might not work.

Cushions are not the cheapest makeup products but they do work if you have to go out or if you need more coverage or you need to go out after your shift that's why I keep repurchasing them. Refills usually cost less than a new product (case + refill).

The tip I got from my co-worker
My nose likes to joke a lot - sometimes I can't breathe because of all the stuff that cumulates in my sinuses but my friend from my work told me a little tip that might be useful at your job - tea tree oil is usually sold in small bottles, just make yourself a cup of hot water and add tea tree oil - try to put 1, max 2 tea tree oil drops in a cup and smell this mix. This oil helps with acne but as you can see, sometimes you can use it the other way. 

As you can see sometimes beauty product might be useful at a job. Let me know if at your workspace you're able to get couple minutes and practise some beauty habits or if beauty products at work are really helpful at your work.

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