Christmas shopping? Find an ideal gift for beauty lover, your friends and family

Friday 1 December 2017

christmas kbeauty gift by wishtrend skinfood

Christmas is coming, as long as I like Christmas and making gifts, I hate Christmas if it comes to work but let's focus on gifts. Usually, I've got already all the gifts for my family & friends done but not this time! This time I'm a bit late and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll show you today some of my beauty and non-beauty ideas and tips and wait... there are some promo codes in case you forgot about presents and you're broke after Black Friday just like me.

What to avoid during Christmas shopping?
Christmas is a really warm time - usually, online shops have lots of work to do and they might not answer the phone or e-mail immediately, some problems are more complicated - same in normal stores. That's why there are couple things to remember:
1. Be nice - I'm not paid enough to listen your complains, especially if the problem was made by marketing section not IT section. Plus writing 100 e-mails do not help, it'll make my work even more slowly because I have to check every fucking e-mail. So I'm sure that other people in customer service will be the same, I have to admit that sometimes I say bad stuff to people who work at similar section - I know my work well if I make a mistake I can apologize, but if you tell a bullshit and you don't want to apologize the customer then maybe it's a sign to change a job to the one that does not involve speaking with clients. 
2. Check the prices in different stores - there are some online stores that compare prices and using them is the easiest way to save some money.
3. Don't do shopping a day before - if you want to do then go early in the morning to the store but there might be lots of people at stores already. It's even worse if you just go shopping couple minutes before the store is closing. 
4. Check shipping dates - it's not possible for lots of online stores to send you a package day or two before Christmas. Order stuff earlier - there are more chances that your package will arrive before Christmas.

It's time for gifts. I've decided to make some section to make it easier but remember that buying cosmetics is not always a good idea for present unless you know preferences, skin condition and how skin react to each ingredient. For me, it's always easier since I know that for example, my mom needs a cream with Madecassoside, my aunt likes perfumes such as YSL Opium and my cousins needs product for sensitive skin but some of them prefer makeup or clothes. It's like with a bra - don't buy a bra if you don't know a size. In this way, gift cards to shops like Sephora, Boots or Douglas is probably the best idea - better than another pair of socks or a cream that doesn't work on the skin.

kbeauty christmas charlotte cho book

Beauty beginner
Ideal present for all beauty beginners? There's nothing better than a good book and a cleanser! Although I would say stick to the books, it's a safer choice than cleansers - even if ideal pH of a cleanser is 5,5 still there are ingredients which might not be good for every skin. 'The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin' by Charlotte Cho is a Beauty Bible for every kbeauty lover and the best way to start focusing on skincare. Beauty is not only about skincare - nutrition is as important as skincare that's why "Eat Pretty" by Jolene Hart might be a great gift idea. 

Makeup beginner
Buying expensive makeup palette is not always a good idea. In my opinion, the most important things in makeup are brushes and skills - it's way easier to learn the craft with good tools. Zoeva has lots of different brush sets, I've spent some money on them and it was a good investment - even if I use 4 brushes from the 7-piece set. Real Technique brushes are cheaper than Zoeva but they are also very popular.

Beauty pro
Am I going to recommend you any skincare products now? Not really! Instead, I'm going to show you a dream of many beauty pros. Jade rollers might look like funny and useless things but they can help with anti-aging skincare and relax. Another product on this list - cleansing brushes are so 2016 now! Blue and red lights are better gifts! Blue light like Foreo Espada helps with acne. P.S. in some countries Neutrogena sells Light Acne Masks, they are good too even if they mix blue and red mask.

christmas gift marc jacobs beauty

Makeup Pro
Two brands - Huda Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills, both brands are very popular and probably your Makeup Pro bestie already has products from these brands still there might be a chance that they need a palette from any of this brands, etc. If you're not sure then a gift card to Sephora will be welcome. 

Asian Beauty Lover
What do we - K-beauty and Asian Beauty need the most? A new sheet mask, there's nothing like too much sheet masks. Brands such as Too Cool For School or Dr Jart+ sell some sets in Sephora unfortunately not every country has the same products and an offer might be different. The Oozoo has some strange looking masks - what seems strange to you doesn't mean that it might be not interesting for your AB Lover. 

Vegetarian/Vegan interested in Beauty
If you need to find a beauty product for Vegan or Vegetarian then you just need to focus. Not every product will be good for Vegetarians/Vegans, I recommend you to use websites like Logical Harmony - the list of brands can help you a lot. If you're lazy then do not buy a first better beauty product that you think it might be Vegan/Vegetarian-friendly, buy a book or something, just respect the choice of other people. But if you really have to choose cosmetics then check the list of brands before you buy a gift. 

christmas gift instax

The easiest category to choose a product - from small items like hair dryers, external hard disks to more expensive stuff. I would focus a lot on wearable devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches or etc. I won't tell you which product is the best to select but keep in mind that wearable devices might not connect to every smartphone. Another idea - Instax, especially for teenagers.

What's the best gift for people who like books? More books! Or at least Ebook reader, Amazon Kindle is probably the most known e-reader. There's still a big group of people who prefer traditional books, in this case, book subscription box might be an interesting present. 

Beauty for Men
Being a man doesn't mean that you don't need to care about yourself! I always had problems with buying presents for man - I'm always joking that sometimes it's easier to buy an alcohol, but if you really want to get something related to beauty then - shaving set or perfumes such as Dior Sauvage or Boss The Scent in giftsets might work. 

christmas kbeauty gift innisfree by wishtrend mark avon willow organics

There's nothing worse than a present for a teenager - we all been there. I think that communication is the most important thing when you buy stuff for a teenager. Between me and my niece, there's a very small age gap but it doesn't mean that we are the same and it's easy task for me, hopefully, I'm a good beholder, I like to analyze stuff a lot so I remember that she talks all the time about perfumes that her favourite vocalist has released. And that's what you should do too - just talk, I know that conversation with teenagers isn't easy but know your enemy - if they say that school sucks don't say that they are wrong, they have to learn on their own that work will be even more horrible. 

Mother & Grandmother
You should know the best but if I have to tell you some tips - think about health or hobby. I usually get The Body Shop Shea Butter for my grandmother and my mother since they really like this product and they do not buy stuff in TBS normally. Perfumes are a really good gift for parents and grandparents, especially in sets. I see that many women like YSL Black Opium or if they don't like stronger scents - Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. 

Co-workers or boss
Depends if you like them or not... just kidding. At my work, we've got a price limit, I work from home so I barely know my co-workers. So what do I do? I STALK their Facebook pages to find out what they like - if they won't tell about their hobbies on their own then Facebook and other social media will tell you more about them than you even expect. 

kbeauty christmas gift by wishtrend green tea enzyme wash

Tea & coffee lovers
You can buy scented candles that smell like tea or coffee, you can buy cosmetics with tea or coffee but you can also buy a Matcha or Kopi Luwak - both can be really expensive so sometimes going back to some tea set or a book about coffee might be better if you can't spend too much. 

Promo codes
As I said before, I've got some promo codes for you, but this time it's going to be different - from now on, all promo codes will be updated every day, same with shop lists. Unfortunately, right now I'm going to focus only on beauty but I hope you'll find an interesting code and you'll save some money.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, what would you like to get for Christmas? 


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