How to save money on skincare?

Tuesday 20 February 2018

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The biggest problem of every beauty lover - how to buy a new product and save some money? I have to admit that I had some moments when I was spending more on cosmetics than I really needed and yes I still do - I keep buying face mask even if I say that I'm not going to buy any mask unless I'm out of almost half of my mask stash. But I've started to work on my own system to save money while shopping because beauty doesn't have to be expensive.

Let's be honest! How much do you spend monthly on cosmetic and how many products do you really need? I know that kbeauty is - as most of us think - all about 10-step routine but on the other hand, it's also a small bullshit and marketing hoax to make you spend more on products. The same thing with pretty packaging - it's not like a product is always good if it looks pretty - the insides might not be as pretty. 

You don't always need over 10 steps

Every skin is different and even if I love Kbeauty - it helped me a lot with my skin - it's better to buy couple products with ingredients that can really help than buy lots of products with cute packaging that all the bloggers are raving about. Each skin is different and it might react differently to the product so instead of choosing popular items just because it helped your friend, just focus on your skin problems and buy less but better.

What fits your skin the most

That's my biggest problem - I keep buying products because of the hype or because it looks nice but what about my skin? We have to remember that packaging is not important in the product - yeah, I like when my products look nice but it's better if they work as nice as they look. Buying a toner with alcohol for acne-prone skin is like one of the biggest skin-sin you can commit. 

Concentration of the product means a lot

Instead of buying an expensive cream with propolis, buy an ampoule - usually, ampoules aren't that expensive and they have better concentration than a cream - obviously, the amount is smaller but a small ampoule can do more than a cream with many ingredients. Still, you'll need a moisturizer since ampoule is a special skincare agent but you've got a choice, maybe you can get more than 2 products in a price of one expensive cream (which who knows - might be not the best for your skin). 

Always check prices couple times

I've got an excel file with a wishlist and all the prices on different websites - sounds weird? But it's not as stupid as you think - I can easily see how prices are changing and if it really is a bargain. There's one thing that some shops like to do - they set a higher price and then they go back to the old lower price and they just write "sale" on it. Not every shop is like that but you have to be careful. 

Do you really need it?

Ask yourself 10 times - do you really need it and how you can add this product to your skincare? Is there any product that might work better for you than this one? Choose wisely. 

Eliminate some products

I do some challenges for myself and when I shop I always say to myself that I can buy products that are good for my skin and if I have to choose CF products over normal products I'll go Cruelty-Free, it's really challenging and it helps me a lot with cutting my expenses. I like Skincarisma to check the ingredients - I can easily add ingredients which I like or I want to avoid to my base and when I check the product I'll get a notification related to the product - if it's really good for my skin or not, this way I can eliminate many products. 


Are you a mess just like me and your e-mail is flooded with new newsletters from shops? Try to unsubscribe to at least 20% of these shops, just leave only ones that can be really helpful - they share some tips, etc. I know that sometimes shops can send you promo codes but still, some of them are just making a mess - you can still find promo codes on the internet!

Search for an occasion 

And we will continue the topic - I always search for promo codes, they can really help you. I'm trying to update promocode section on blog almost every day. There are also many websites which can be helpful - some time ago I was collaborating with a shop called and to this day I like to check it to find new offers. 

It didn't work for you? Don't waste it!

Even if you used all the tips you might still find a product that doesn't really work. You don't have to waste it, I used By Wishtrend cream as a body cream since it worked better on my legs than on my face. You can also sell some product at online auction but there are selected products which I think you can sell - you shouldn't sell products like used mascaras. I do sometimes sell foundations there - new and used. 

I hope that these tips will be helpful for you. Let me know how do you save money while shopping.

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