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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Clochee Polish Cosmetics

Slavic girls love Asian Beauty products but they also like their own products and brands. Today I asked couple bloggers from Poland to share with you some of their favourite products and cosmetics brands which they think are worth a try. How different are Polish cosmetics and are they worth a try?

Couple words before we start

In a previous post from this series, I've tried to share with you all the things I see while living in a Slavic country, it's not a secret that I live near the border and even if I feel like a stranger in Poland I still use polish brands from time to time because they are available almost everywhere and they are usually cheaper than foreign brands. I said that Polish girls love natural cosmetics as well as Asian Beauty, how does it really looks like? I asked Paulina - author of Chmielova blog, Justyna - author of Eddieegger blog and Agata - author of Hellojzaboutbeauty blog about their favourite Polish products. 

My personal favourites

I can't say that I've got my personal favourites, but definitely, there are brands which I really started to like, for example, D'Alchemy or Clochee, even if I still have a lot to try. If you go to my Instagram profile - @betweendots you can find there some brands recommendation. 

Chmielova polish cosmetics BasicLab Inglot Kobo


Three Polish cosmetics brands? If I have to answer quickly then it's BasicLab, Inglot and Kobo. I've discovered BasicLab lately but I think that the haircare product made by them should be more popular, especially that they are all made in Poland. Another two brands are strictly make-up brands. First one is Inglot, I think it's a bit "forgotten" brand but 505 bronzer helped me learn how to contour my face. Another makeup brand is Kobo, many years ago it was an average brand but lately, it's a developing brand with many high-quality products in good prices. I can share couple more brands but this trio is worth the mention. 



Lawendowa Farma, naturalne mydło do twarzy "Czarne na Białym" | (Lavender Farm, natural face soap "Black on white")
Soap called "Black on white" is made of lathered coconut oil which makes a base of the product. The charcoal bits are soaked in coconut oil. This soap is an ideal substitute for cleansing oil - my oily and acne-prone skin doesn't like cleansing oils but it reacts well to this cleansing soap. It cleanses the skin but it also helps with imperfections - for me, it's an ideal product. I only wish it could smell like a coconut. 

O!Figa, serum olejowe "Dzika Figa" | (O!Fig, oil serum "wild fig")
The base of this serum is a precious Prickly Pear Seed Oil also called a natural botox - it regenerates the skin, removes wrinkles and makes skin smooth. Even if my skin doesn't like oils and I barely ever put them on my entire face, this serum works well near eye area because it helps with wrinkles around the eyes. It makes my skin brighter and tight. The serum is fully made of natural ingredients and it's safe for the skin that's why I like it so much. 

eddieegger d'alchemy

d'Alchemy, regulujący krem do cery tłustej i mieszanej | (d'Alchemy cream for oily and combo skin)
A long time ago I've stopped in believing what brands say about their products about moderation of sebum production. My skin is so shiny in a negative way after every cream I use, even if I put mattifying powder later. D'Alchemy cream surprised me a lot - it looks like a lotion, it's quickly absorbed by the skin and it's an ideal makeup base. A holistic style of the brand makes it effective. 


I've decided to talk about "Wzmacniający krem do twarzy na dzień" (reinforcing face cream for every day use) from Vianek, because cosmetics from this brand are my favourite, especially this series. It works well on my couperose-prone skin Resibo Odżywczy balsam do ciała (nourishing body balm) is one of my latest finds! It moisturizes my skin deeply, it regenerates the skin well and the scent is lovely. Organique Eye Cream is as amazing as the other products from this brand. Inglot Flexi Eco Palette is a pretty palette made out of wood, it'a customizable palette so you can choose contouring products you want - blush, bronzer or highlighter. I like this solution. And last but not least Hibiscus toner from Sylveco, it has a gel texture. It reminds me of asian toners, when you gently tap it onto your skin it soothes and moisturizes the skin well.

And that's all for today, let me know how do you like this series of posts. In the next post, I'll share my favourite products and I'll ask couple more bloggers to share their favourite local products. 

P.S. If you're a blogger from Slavic country and you want to share your favourite product from your country feel free to write a message to me. 

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