Tips for glass skin: 6 skincare product that help me get a glass skin look

Monday 15 October 2018

Glass skin tips  LeeGeeHaam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule honey skin tips

Glass skin is a trend that somehow got even to Western countries. For ages, we were told that matte skin is the look that we want to achieve to make our skin look good but what if I tell you that matte skin is not trendy anymore? The latest trend that came to us from Asia is a glass skin also called honey skin! It's not about oily skin but a healthy glow. Some of us can get this look because of the genes, but what if you can't get this healthy look naturally? Just fake it! Let me show you a couple products and tricks to fake the glow. 

LeeGeeHaam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule

I feel like this ampule is the most recommended product to get the glass/honey skin look. It's quite clever since this product contains propolis and it's sweet as honey! Not in the literal meaning but it can really make a difference - you can use it under your makeup or tap a small amount of it with your fingers on the cheek - the effect will show up immediately. I wrote about this Leegeehaam Propolis Ampoule before (the old version) but the only difference now is the name (leejihaam became leegeehaam) and packaging. 
Where to get it? Lookfantastic

glass skin honey skin tips Neogen Dermalogy Micro Ferment Serum

Neogen Dermalogy Micro Ferment Serum**

I posted a review of this serum last time (you can read the review of Neogen Micro Ferment Serum here) and I guess you shouldn't be surprised to see it here since glass skin is about moisture and this serum can not only help you with moisture but also the number of active ingredients make it a 'game-changer'. 
Where to get it? Sokoglam

tips for glass skin and honey skin A. By Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Serum

A. By Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Serum**

This A. By Bom eye serum doesn't only look well but it works on dark circles and... it gives a honey look to the skin too. Even if it's meant to help with eye area, tapping it gently to your cheekbones after the makeup can work as well as LeeGeeHaam ampoule. By the way, I've got an exclusive promo code for you! You can get this serum for -15% off on BemusedKorea with a code "BETWEENDOTS15" - the code is valid until December 18th and it works for the whole A. By Bom collection except for special mask set. 
Where to get it? BemusedKorea

tips for glass skin and honey skin Jullai Super 7 Moisture Hydrating Gel

Jullai Super 7 Moisture Hydrating Gel**

A complex of 7 natural extracts can make your skin healthier and give you a glass skin look without making your skin oily. It's a moisturizer with a lightweight formula and safe packaging - ideal for travelling and for everyday use especially if you want your products to be safe for your skin and free from bacteria transferred through the fingers.
Where to get it? Glow Recipe

tips for glass skin and honey skin Neogen White Truffle Laycure Oil Balm Pact

Neogen White Truffle Laycure Oil Balm Pact 

Every time I show this Oil Balm Pact to people they just ask me why they haven't seen this Neogen cushion before? It's not really a cushion - it's an oil in a cushion-like form. I used it under my eyes because it makes a good base but Oil Pact and Neogen White Truffle Laycure Oil Stick can be used on the top of the makeup to give you glass shine and moisture. 
Where to get it? Style Korean*

tips for glass skin and honey skin April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 SPF50+ PA+++

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 SPF50+ PA+++

Skincare is not everything! Makeup can do a job too. What's different about this cushion? The cushions that I usually order from South Korea doesn't leave your skin totally matte and this cushion mixes good coverage with the wet but not oily look. The shades are quite pale but I'm sure there are cushions from other brands that will work similarly and fits your skin tone. 
Where to get it? Style Korean*

These 6 products work for me to get the gloss skin effect but I also have lots of luck that my natural skin and my diet make it easier to get the look. Tell me do you prefer matte skin or glass/honey skin look and which products are your favourite to get such look? 

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