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Tuesday 6 November 2018

A'Pieu Marymond

October has ended - a month in which I survived a job horror, but the job horror motivated me to do these monthly sum-ups in which I can recommend you some products, articles, share my passions and skincare update as well as my plan for living because a lot of things has happened and a lot of things are going to happen. So grab a coffee or tea and let me talk a bit to you.

Summing up my work

I thought that the good idea will be, to sum up, of what I've been up to this month because I'm aware that the majority of you don't even know that what I do besides this blog is mostly Instagram but I also work full time, I study and I'm involved in creative projects like taking photos for bloggers such as porcelain doll

New job, a new project and ending up unemployed

The biggest change in my life is a new job, till the last second I didn't know if I'll get a new job or not but if you follow me on Instagram then you know that 3 months ago I decided to drop out of work by the end of September so my colleague can get married and other colleagues can go on some holidays and I'll resign in this sweet moment between summer and winter. In general, November and December for e-commerce are hot months. I've started my job and after the first day, I knew that I did a mistake. It's not only about money but mostly about my health and feeling unhappy. There are lots of differences like cultural differences, language, technologies. I don't see a perspective of personal growth, I don't feel any support at the new place and I literally started to sleep whenever I can what makes me unproductive AF. My plan for this month was focusing on a project I started with Porcelaindoll - our fully polish lifestyle blog Living In Magnolias, instead of I didn't really felt like writing anything here or there. I had this horrible feeling of losing my life, of being unhappy with everything and I ended up drinking way more and missing the deadlines at my school while I got only 4 months left to end my final project. I thought that's how this post will end but October did a great joke on me and I got kicked out of a job for being a freelancer worker. Yes, that's true. I'm pissed because Christmas is coming and I'll have no money, I saved over 100$ this month which is really good for 400$ I earned at a previous job and what's next? I'll have to find a new job but the problem is that I have to find a remote job - by the way, for the reference I make maybe $2 per year on blog and I can't even transfer these money on my account since most of the programs need $50 to transfer money to your account. The funny thing is that the whole day I felt pretty bad - I was so tired that I fell asleep about 100 times during the last day of October and in one moment I had this bad thought and feeling in my mind like someone tells me bad stuff about me and I felt really worried. So now I'm searching for a job and I'm trying to think positively while rearranging my stash files. 

It's Skin Propolis Serum

My portfolio is almost live

Besides my horrible job, I also take photos and draw from time to time. Because of my work, I don't really have time for my biggest passions - music and video but I'm happy that I'm really close to publishing my portfolio and that I know what I want to focus on. I have one biggest problem in my life because I can't really sell my work - I hate asking people for money, I can't self-promote and that's usually the problem for me. By the way, for my portfolio, I decided not to use my true name just use a shorter form of it and I decided to use my mother's 2nd name mixed with her family surname - it's mostly about privacy (at work) and fact that my surname is usually read as Teriyaki - that's a true story that happened to me during a university interview. 

Instagram - 6k

I'm surprised but this month I hit 6k on Instagram! I wasn't suspecting that to happen because Instagram likes to change algorithms all the time but somehow Commleaf texture photo and the new style I'm trying really helped me. I wouldn't be able to achieve this number without people and that really motivates me to work even if now I have almost no time for Instagram. 

Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

5 beauty items worth a try

I told myself that October is a month in which I need to save the money to spend more on Black Friday but I've failed, I got some products which I'll show you next months because they are Christmas sets but if you want to see them already - Instagram is the best way to see all the new products and recommendations first. 

E Nature Squeeze Green Watery Gel Cream

A really interesting cream with a herbal scent, it might not be the best product for sensitive skin but the texture and how this cream can really make your skin feels hydrated made me sure that when I'm done with my collection of moisturizers I'll grab a full size one. 

Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

The previous post was about this product, I feel like Althea reads my mind because I wanted this cream so badly. Peptides help me a lot with my skin and if you have problems with acne scars then I recommend you to try peptides especially FGF. 

Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway

It might not have the best ingredients in it but that's probably the best sunscreen I've tried for acne-prone skin. It gives the skin this velvet feeling and it seems to be very affordable. 

Moonshot Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette 

It's so pretty, but it's not only a cute packaging but also pastel and subtle shades - very romantic but well-pigmented shades. This palette was made in collaboration with actress Yoo In-Na, who played Sunny in a drama called Goblin.

COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream 

It's another product that I add to my routine, it's getting colder and my skin already started to peel because of lack of a good moisturizer so when I only saw what's going on I decided to react quickly and go for ceramide cream.

Lily Lolo blusher

Culture - what I've been up to lately

I don't want this post to be all about cosmetics because that's not a purpose of it so I want to focus on more cultural stuff like what I started to watch or listen to since lots of stuff influences my perception of the world and aesthetic. I didn't have too much time so I ended up watching two K-dramas - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes which is a remake of a Japanese version, I don't really have an opinion on it yet. I also decided to rewatch Because This Is My First Life since this drama always makes me feel better about my living situation and how life looks now for young adults + it's a way to learn a language. I got myself some books including Basic Witches and I feel like it was a waste of money. But at least I can share with you a little achievement of this month - finally, after almost 2 years I've purchased a CD or I should say I preordered a CD. I don't have a lot of space in a flat but still, I have sentiment to CD's even if I'm all about Spotify. 

Neogen Real Ferment Micro Serum

Blog/IG/YT Recommendations

I really hope that this section will help me be up to date with blogs and social media. 

Blog: Christinahello

Christina does a great job with all the what's new in K-beauty updates. Honestly, if you want to know about all the new projects just check her blog. 

Instagram: bunnybunnme

I totally love Bunny's aesthetic, it's warm and full of light. All her photos are on point.

Youtube: Gothamista

Renee's voice is so calming, it's really relaxing to watch her videos and at the same time learn something new about skincare. Especially if your skin is sensitive I can recommend you her channel. 

Worth to check on Kherblog:

By the way, I made 2 posts this month you should see - 6 skincare products for glass skin look and a post on fake reviews and how I witch-hunt them at work

Plans for next month

I mostly need to find a new job ASAP. It's pretty crap to lose your job before Christmas, obviously, as a "real student", I saved some money and my life now is all about Black Friday and some Christmas promos. I plan to focus on my projects even more and maybe start working again on video since my youtube channel died by lack of time and being frustrated with editing. I totally plan to work out more since my back is in pain all the time and clean my wardrobe because it takes me ages. If it comes to blogging - promo code section will be refreshed and updated regularly, you can be sure that post about Black Friday is coming but this time I might even make more posts on this topic. Oh, and Foreo Luna Fofo + Wayskin reviews are coming as well as more general posts about skincare and diet which I hope you'll find useful. 

And how was your month?

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