Foreo Luna Fofo - brush & skin analyzer in one. Does it really work?

Saturday 19 January 2019

Foreo Luna Fofo BIA Skin Analyzer and Cleansing Brush

I had a small break from blogging - it's exam season so I had no choice than limit everything (including sleep) to pass all the exams well. During this time my skin freaked out a lot - oily & combo skin reacts to stress and emotions more than dry skin. Hopefully, during this time I wasn't alone with my skin, even if I spend a couple hours daily on skin treatments - thanks to my field of education, I needed a product to fill the gap in my skincare. When I dropped out of my job I got myself Foreo Luna Fofo - an intelligent cleansing brush with a skin analysis mode as a gift. But do you really need a cleansing brush and what does it do? Is Foreo Luna Fofo different from other Foreo brushes? Can it be a cheaper substitute for Wayskin Device?

Foreo - brand history

According to Wikipedia Foreo is a Swedish brand founded in 2013. Foreo grew as a brand quickly, but on the internet, you can read articles from websites like Forbes and how the first Luna was made - the inspiration for Luna was no one else than CEO's wife - she used a cleansing brush but the brush made her skin worse - this story reminds a bit my problem with some cleansing brushes but that's topic for the other post. But Foreo is not only the series of Luna brushes but also Issa - series of sonic brushes, Espada - a blue light stick which I'm still thinking if I should get it or not, Iris - an eye massager which I'm not going to tell you what does it reminds me of but I guess you can figure that on your own and UFO - a treatment which is more complicated and more "smart" than it looks like - it's a sheet mask with light therapy and thermo/cryo-therapy and sonic pulsation. By the way, at first, I hated UFO because of the whole promo campaign saying that sheet masks which we use at home are worse, etc. Somehow even at the professional salon, we make similar treatments to what UFO offers - thermo/cryo-therapy on a sheet mask and I kinda started to feel like maybe it's not as bad as I thought, maybe I should give it a chance. Now Luna Fofo is a new product in Foreo family. 

Foreo Luna Fofo - what it is, how does it work?

I haven't tried other Foreo brushes so I might not be able to see all the differences between them but there is one difference I can see clearly and I'm sure you do as well! The BIA analyzer, only Fofo brushes have it. Wayskin is also a BIA Analyzer but Foreo is more like mixing Foreo Luna with Wayskin even if it works completely different. The brush has one button - you can start and stop the brush with it but it also connects with the app through this button. I don't know why the brand decided to give this brush a small led - it's bit useless, it shows you when the device is connected with your smartphone but you know that anyway because you see the connection status in the app. I can admit that thanks to Foreo I figured out that Bluetooth in my phone - Huawei p20 Lite sucks. Lately, I've got problems with connecting Foreo, Wayskin or even connect my phone to the speaker.  Fofo is different from Luna because it contains a skin sensor - a 24k gold plated skin sensor, is there anything fancier? I guess yes, there's one thing - Foreo Luna Luxe and I'm sure you don't want to know the price. If you expect Foreo to be a cheaper Wayskin then you'll be disappointed, the skin sensor in Fofo is not to measure the skin moisture level or at least not in the same way as Wayskin - it's not a statistic  program the brush to work with your skin - this way all your skin needs should be fulfilled. Even if on the website you can read that Foreo Luna Fofo reacts to internal and external factors that can affect skin like weather, humidity, probably air quality (or at least it should react to this as well), diet, skin cycle and your health in general - I feel like it reacts to none. Maybe that's the country where I live that makes the app useless or maybe something's wrong with the app? The brush itself works and I can't say a bad word about it because it really cleanses my skin - I use it once or twice per week, I even decided to use it near my eyes with the back side to "massage" eye area a bit but the problem is that the full potential of this device is not unlocked and the app seems to be a problem. 

Foreo Luna Fofo BIA Skin Analyzer and Cleansing Brush

BIA analyzer?

BIA stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, this technology is often used in dietetics and medicine. Personally, I haven't seen a professional device based on this technology - there are devices that help us diagnose the skin and moisture level of the skin but none of the devices I've seen or even used is based on BIA technology. It's more like a product which you can use at home and the most important - it's portable. We have to remember that analyzers have different levels - Wayskin scale is different from Foreo, I would even say there's not really a scale on Foreo and the BIA feature is more about selecting the speed of the brush to your skin. 

Foreo Luna Fofo - the app

As long as I could talk for hours about the apps, all I can tell you about this app is that... IT'S BROKEN! Honestly, it doesn't do anything - it keeps telling me the same settings and that my skin is +2 years old which is funny because according to Wayskin my skin is younger than it really is. I tested it on dry skin and freshly cleaned skin. Even update didn't change anything. Not to mention the UI/UX side, good UI/UX is a must! If the app is well made you should be able to use it without any complicated instructions, I took courses in UI/UX as well as programming and I have a problem with the app, it defeated me. Foreo app isn't easy to use and the design is a bit too much - the mix of colours and elements, I'm surprised they didn't decide to use comic sans to make it even worse. To sum up - the app is not functional and I hope that one day it'll be fixed but honestly? I don't see much success on this side since I feel like more people use Foreo Ufo than Foreo Fofo since the app connects with Foreo Ufo as well. I do not plan to buy Foreo Ufo in the nearest 6 or even 9 months so I do not know how the app works with a different device.  Oh, by the way, uninstalling and reinstalling it didn't help me - that's a basic thing you should do when the app is not working and I'm not only talking about the Foreo app but any app you use. 

Foreo Luna Fofo BIA Skin Analyzer and Cleansing Brush

Waterproof and batteries?

The brush is made out of silicone - medical grade one so you shouldn't worry. There are certain reasons why I prefer silicone brushes with pulsation than a nylon facial brush with pulsation - the reason is easy. Nylon brushes even if you clean them well some bacteria is left. Obviously, you can sterilize it with isopropyl alcohol but who does keep this alcohol at home? I do but I only know few people who keep isopropyl alcohol near just because they work with people - MUAs and estheticians. The whole brush is waterproof and powered by two AAA batteries that are replaceable! It's quite easy but to change them you need a screwdriver. Is it waterproof? It's hard to tell how waterproof this product is since I found that some people had an issue with leaking batteries - if you have such a situation then please contact Foreo and do not remove the batteries on your own - battery acid can cause a chemical burn which means nothing else than it can burn your skin. It is told that batteries are enough for 400 uses, I didn't even get to 50 but we will see how long they work. 

Foreo Luna Family - which model should you get?

Foreo Luna family is not the smallest one and the first time I checked Foreo website I couldn't get which one is the right one. A year ago I wanted to get the Foreo Luna Play because it's the cheapest option and a good way to try the brush, I wanted to get it for a comparison post with a different brush. To show you the prices I decided to check prices in the USA, UK, Germany and Poland, you might want to check your local prices but there should be a similar difference in prices between models. 

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play is the cheapest option since it costs only $39/€29 (not sure if the price is right since I haven't seen it on£29/169 PLN the thing is that for this price we got a device which works only 100 times. Is it worth it? Totally not! Not to mention that this idea is not environment-friendly! My dear friend Patrycja, an author of blog Beautypediapatt and owner of a cat called Herk made a review on this brush, it's fully in polish but I'm sure you'll be able to find a review on it in other languages as well.

Foreo Luna Play Plus 

I saw that Foreo has updated the cheapest version of the brush and this time we've got a brush with one AAA battery which you can change after 400 uses. It's a bit bigger than Play but not a lot and it's told to be more effective. Foreo Luna Play Plus costs more because it costs $49/€39/£39/199 PLN. The difference of 10$/€/£ or 30 PLN can give you more functional product. 

Foreo Luna Fofo BIA Skin Analyzer and Cleansing Brush

Foreo Luna Fofo

Foreo Luna Fofo is like mixing Luna Play Plus with BIA analyzer. It gives you bit more than a normal brush but is it worth its price? I won't answer this question but that's an interesting model for quite a good price (especially if you buy it with a promo code). Similar to Luna Play Plus it's powered with two AAA batteries that you can change after about 400 uses. it's a bit bigger than Foreo Luna Play Plus. The price of Foreo Luna Fofo is almost twice higher - $89/€89/£79/349 PLN

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a chargeable device with more buttons than just power on/off button. It's slightly bigger than Foreo Luna Fofo and it costs $139/€139/£119/599 PLN

Foreo Luna 2

Luna 2 is a full sized version of Foreo Luna Mini 2, it has quite similar specifications and it's also the chargeable device. This one costs $199/€199/£169/799 PLN

Is Foreo Luna brush safe for your skin?

At least it's safer than nylon brushes. The silicone brush is safer because it's easier to sterilize and it's not as hard as nylon brushes so it shouldn't make any micro wounds. If you add dirty nylon brush (I mean cleaned with soap instead of disinfectant) then it's an ideal recipe to destroy your lipid barrier and end up with skin diseases - I had a situation with destroyed lipid barrier due to wrong use of a nylon brush year ago and trust me I was lucky enough I had Neogen Truffle Knit Mask in my stash. Even if Foreo is recommended to use daily, I use it twice a week or even once a week and I recommend you to do the same - you have to remember that moderation is needed with everything. If you care about brush well and you don't overdo your skincare then Foreo is a great option for you. For me, this type of brushes - silicon ones - are the best. Remember only that cleansing brush should be counted in your routine as exfoliation (mechanical) so if you want to use it with acids or some scrubs - rethink it twice because exfoliation should only help with the natural process of the skin and too much exfoliation can mess up the natural process and you can end up with ultra oily but dry skin. 

Foreo Luna Fofo BIA Skin Analyzer and Cleansing Brush

Why Foreo wins as a cleansing brush

There are some reasons why Foreo wins as a cleansing brush - it can be an investment for days and depends on the option you can find it at an affordable price. The idea of smaller "travel" brushes is especially good since personally, I got the problem with travelling to new places and having my skin looking worse due to the change of water. It's also a gentle face message because of the pulsation - just use a soft part of the brush near the eye area, just right after using eye patches. The fact that this brush is made out of silicone is the most important for me - I have a serious problem with allergies and Foreo is easy to sterilize. 

Foreo vs Wayskin? Which one to choose?

You'll be surprised by the answer but both! Foreo works differently, Wayskin works differently. They might have one thing in common but they are totally different- Foreo is for cleansing while Wayskin is for controlling and understanding the skin. Choose the one that you prefer and that seems to be better for you.


My opinion on Foreo Luna Fofo

The brush itself is good and personally, I don't feel like it's a product that you have to buy, it's more like a gadget which can be useful but I guess I would go for a different version than Fofo next time - maybe Foreo Luna Mini 2. Fofo is not 100% working as I imagined and it's a small disappointment due to the problematic app but it's a new product and I'm sure that Foreo will focus on this project to make it work better one day - maybe new version or something. For now on I can say yes to Foreo Luna, but Fofo? Not really, but I can't deny it's an affordable option. One last thing - black brush is really complicated if you want to take photo of it so if you plan to take photos of the brush and you think it's an important thing for you then maybe go for different shade, personally the colour is not a problem for me but taking photos of this brush was tricky

Where to buy it?

If you plan to buy Foreo Luna Fofo then I recommend checking the Foreo website* - I haven't seen Fofo at local Sephora or Douglas but it all depends on your location. 
Have you ever tried a cleansing brush? What do you think about Foreo Luna Fofo?


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