A must have K-beauty palette? Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow Palette

Saturday 28 September 2019

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette

Every time I read about Korean or Asian Beauty, I see one common opinion on makeup - the pigmentation is too weak. But is it? I've got mixed feelings about this opinion because if it comes to shimmer or glitter shades, I usually prefer to go for Asian brands than Western brands. Thanks to Kmall24 Kita Global Marketing Panel (Season 2) I was able to try Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette. 

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette

About the brand - Celefit

Celefit is a new brand for me. I couldn't find too much information about the brand, but it feels like Celefit is mostly focused on makeup. I found this brand only at 2 different stores - one of them is Kmall24. The Bella Collection palette is available in two different options #01 and #02. I'm trying #01. Both #01 and #02 palettes are products of collaboration with Korean beauty creator 벨라 Bella. I feel like this collaboration is a good way to promote palette - Western brands do the same, it's not only a good way to promote the product, but beauty creators usually know trends the best, if they work with clients then they know the client's needs. 

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette


Fancy rose gold packaging in a huge size - in comparison to Huda Beauty got me, even if at first I thought that the colours are not my thing, it convinced me. But there's one thing better than actual packaging - the paper packaging with this tarot-like design.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette


I will go straight to shades because I don't see any sense in talking about ingredients while reviewing makeup - especially eyeshadows since it's usually mostly different pigments mixed together with additional ingredients. The palette is made out of 4 matte shades, 3 shimmer shades and 2 glitter shades, it gives us 9 shades in total.


Sophia is a matte shade. It reminds me of cream or almond. It's not very visible on the eyelid, but that's a base shade.


Bianco in Italian means white. The shade reminds me of white crystals. This shade has a special place in my heart because it's very visible and I guess if I had a glitter base - I can use as a pigment. In general, K-beauty brands are amazing if it comes to glitter and I find this trend or adding glitter to the makeup very fun.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette


All names in this palette are Italian. Lode means praise. It's like a coral shade with a pink undertone. I like to mix it with Primo since both shades are very similar. I love red eye makeup and Lode is like a daily, less-intensive coral version of my makeup.


Primo means first, it's a matte shade just like Lode, ideal to cover the entire eyelid or use it as a base shade.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette


Rosa means pink and it's a shimmer shade. Shimmer shades are a type of shades which I'm putting in the middle of my eyelid to make my eyelid looking less boring.


Vino is nothing else than wine. Another shimmer shade, but deeper than Rosa.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette


Anima means soul. To be honest, it's one of my favourite Italian words (a fact about me: I used to study Italian at University before). It's a glitter shade which makes me even more obsessed with it. Anima is more on a pink/beige side.


Aurora stands for dawn. It's the darkest available shimmer shade in this palette, it's very visible on the eyelid but I'm sure with eyeshadow base or glitter base it'll look way better.


Dolce means sweet. This brown matte shade reminds me of chocolate but I find it less pigmented than it looks like in a pan. The good thing about it is that you can put it under the eye and you can't hurt yourself with this eyeshadow. Darker eyeshadows are usually harder to work out and I have some K-beauty palettes in my stash which I love but the darker shades are a nightmare.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette

Not my cup of tea? Really?

At first, I thought it's not a palette for me since it looks like a typical nude palette and all nude/brown palettes I found in Europe do not fit cold undertones. I got surprised with Celefit The Bella Collection palette a lot because the shades are more like a rose gold/coral composition. It's pure perfection if you want daily makeup. Sadly, I didn't try it with eyeshadow base/glitter base to get full pigment out of this palette, but it's a good example of K-beauty makeup trends. Korean makeup is a bit different from what I was taught in Europe - the popular shades are very similar, but in Europe, you can find a woman wearing very heavy makeup with lots of pinks, purple, black, blue or gold shades. Palettes are mostly warmer and you usually have to choose between matte shades or a bit of shimmer/glitter. Still, even in my 1st year of makeup & cosmetology education, I had no glitter shade use - we used white eyeshadow instead. Glitter is getting popular but not as much as in makeups done by Pros on Youtube or Instagram. The size of this palette is bigger than the popular Western 3x3 palette. I would say it's a Huda of K-beauty. The big amounts of eyeshadow remind me palettes for professionals since they are usually bit bigger than standard.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette


The eyeshadows used without a primer or base sits on concealer or foundation for about 12 hours. Especially glitters are very durable and give an awesome effect. The pigment is well pressed so the eyeshadows won't fall apart.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette

Makeup and tips

The matte Celefit shades are easy to blend, the pigmentation is really good besides Dolce, but in this case, I believe it's a good thing. Shimmer shades should be used with "dense" brushes - almost like concealer one to get better effect and Glitter shades - try small fluffy brushes or dense brushes - depends on the effect you want to achieve. They also work with fingers. I did a makeup look with this palette and let me tell you a bit about it. The base for my makeup is a Pony Effect cushion, I didn't use any concealer, eyeshadow base or glitter base to get an everyday look. We have to remember that makeup on photos is less visible than in real life. I used Sophia as a base eyeshadow and then I applied Lode and Primo on the top of the base eyeshadow on both - upper and lower eyelid. I added some brown Mamonde eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner. In the inner corner of my eye, I used Bianco glitter while on the entire eyelid I used a bit of Rosa shimmery eyeshadow. This look takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to make which is ideal because I'm forever late.

Celefit The Bella Collection Eyeshadow palette

The price
The palette costs around $36, it's not the lowest price even for a palette which is functional. You can order it straight from Kmall24. I used Kmall24 couple times already and sometimes shipping takes a bit longer but it's worth to wait since the products available on Kmall24 are sometimes hard to get online for foreign customers. The price might be a weak point, because from my experience, I've got 2 types of friends-customers. First group prefer more colours for cheaper price while, 2nd group selects expensive products, but only when they are popular

Overall, I got surprised a lot by Celefit The Bella Collection palette since I was suspecting to find something that doesn't fit me at all, but instead, I found a great makeup palette in a coral shade that should fit both warm and cold undertones.


*** This post was made in collaboration with Kmall24 as a part of Kita Global Marketing Panel (Season 2)even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topic and product**

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