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Friday 21 August 2020

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I never thought that I might split one blog into two different blogs, but that's going to happen. Today, I want to share with you about some changes in my life - starting my own business, becoming esthetician and my current plants. 

Sometimes I got messages (usually on Instagram) if I can give you tips on photos, editing, etc. I made here post about taking pictures for texture Tuesday, and since, then I knew one day I might end up creating a blog about photography. If you check the bar on the upper side of Kherblog has a portfolio link. Thanks to blogging, I ended up taking photos for brands. I also collaborate with other bloggers like Inga from This year I wanted to start my own company, but COVID-19 decided to change my plan. 

Let me tell you everything from the beginning. I started Kherblog in 2016 as a place where I can write posts in English so I won't forget the language. Soon after I got offers from people and brands to write more about K-beauty or even represent brands in front of the people. I didn't feel good about it, that's why I went to med school to become an esthetician. I didn't publish a lot this year because E-learning + a full-time job is not that easy. I graduated as an esthetician in June 2020 with no hope that I can start my own business as an esthetician. I'm not giving up, in May I sent my application to one Med University to get my BSc in Cosmetology, since in November 2019 I had to stop my BSc course because I didn't imagine how I can do everything at the same time. I was tired, not to mention that my diet doesn't work well with studying - I spent entire days with no food, because of my coeliac disease. 

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I have mixed feelings about my job and life in general, but lately, I started to think about starting my business anyway. As you might know - I do not earn money on blogging - it's not that easy to make money from writing or creating content. I had a few paid collabs, but COVID-19 changed my plans and many collabs. I see that many young brands didn't survive quarantine - including a few of my clients. I was lucky to finally get a job, almost after a year of being unemployed and living out of what I saved on my account at the old company. It hurts me when people steal my photos to promote their businesses - it's not fair, and I'm telling that out loud. I might even think about starting to sue people who steal my property, aka photography used without my consent. But I also want to let you know that majority of people making content are doing that because they like to do this. 

I started to work on portfolio year ago - it helped me get a job, but the job I got didn't fit my expectations. Still, I didn't feel okay with showing my portfolio when I was searching for a job. I knew that sooner or later, I'll have to do it once again. I did it - earlier this year, but I had no idea how to promote my business. Not to mention that lockdown, education and work problems made me feel uncreative. I started to feel less and less confident about my work. In July, I've decided to rethink my content and skills, and I've decided to take one step - I have to set my own company. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I can't take any loan because my papers got signed in the wrong way, and talking with my boss is not easy. I needed to buy my first car and change my camera. I'm at the age when I should think about getting a flat since I'm single - it's harder than usual. I'm not going to talk about relationships, all I can tell you is that I'm single AF, and according to my friends, I sold my soul for a position in the corporate world. I bet, I'm not the only woman in their 20's or 30's who have to deal with jokes about them being single. If you're in a similar situation - there's nothing wrong with us, I have many friends who got married at the age of 20, and a year later they got divorced. Just let people live their lives the way they want. Back to the main point, I started to feel depressed, because not only I can't get a stupid loan, but the pressure from my friends who wanted me to take a loan for our esthetician saloon, but they wanted me to pay, while salon itself will belong to us all. Why me? I have no kids, no partner, no plans for the future, no loans - everyone thought that I might give up my job hoping to get a loan from EU (you don't have to pay back such loan) or get a loan for young people making their first steps in business (such loans are cheaper than normal ones). 

I might be blonde, but I'm not stupid - even my fellow bloggers told me "don't do that if you start a company just do it on your own and hire people". I'm not thinking about my esthetician practice at the moment, but I've decided to focus on creating something different. 

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After a long introduction, I want to invite you to my 2nd blog - MINAVTE - where I'm going to focus on photography, design and marketing for bloggers (and not only). Majority of the content I prepared for a few upcoming weeks is based on messages I got from you on Instagram. I have many plans, and I hope it will work. I think that in November I'll be able to register my own company and start to work full time on photography, video and content production. I got one of my best friends Nat helping me with a company - I won't tell you the name of it yet, but it's coming. I swear I got so bored lately, and now I'm thinking how to handle a full-time job, university, additional courses, and business. Meanwhile, SHVDV (or SH//DV) is existing on social media. We can work & create content for brands & individuals, but we have to do that through an outside agency, that's why I'm doing my best to register a company as soon as possible. 

What else can you expect? I plan to make some paid content & free content - I'm not feeling fully okay with creating paid content, but we need to make sure that we can earn money and pay for our tools and living. We are still working full time and studying. Right now lots of businesses have problems with finances because of COVID, our plans got complicated a bit too, but we hope that maybe in 2021 we'll be able to work on wedding shots, etc. 

I'm scared of even publishing this post, but I always got lots of support from you, and I hope you'll still support my work. This post is different, but next week everything will go to normal, I'll try my best to create two posts per weeks just like I used to. 

Check MINAVTE.COM and SHVDV and our social media for more MINAVTE FB | MINAVTE IGSHVDV FB | SHVDV IG


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