Is bakuchiol good for your skin? | Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum Review

Thursday 16 March 2023

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Are you team Bakuchiol or team Retinol? Bakuchiol is told to be an alternative to retinol. Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum is the first bakuchiol serum I've ever tried. Is bakuchiol an ingredient as good as retinol? How does Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum work for the skin? 

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Retinoids vs Bakuchiol 

Let's start from the beginning, what are the retinoids and what's bakuchiol? Retinoids are forms of Vitamin A. They come in different shapes and forms. What makes them different is their strength and time of work - if they work fast or they are running at a slow pace. Retinyl esters like Retinyl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate and Retinyl Propionate are the weakest forms of Vitamin A, and at the same time they take more time to see the results, but the good thing is that they are very delicate for the skin. It takes them more time to work since they need to do a 3-step journey to work - this group converts to retinol then retinaldehyde, and then retinoic acid.   

Retinol is a bit stronger than esters, but it can be more irritating for the skin. It works a bit faster since it only needs to convert to retinaldehyde and retinoic acid. Retinal is stronger than retinol since it's one step away from retinoic acid. It works faster and can be more irritating to the skin. The strongest substance is retinoic acid which is a prescription-only substance, it works fast but it's more irritating than products you can find at stores. Still, all the products related to Vitamin A need special care.  

Bakuchiol (also known as phyto retinol and bio-retinol is not related to retinoids at all. It's derived from the seed and leaves of Psoralea Corylifolia also known as Babchi. Bakuchiol is usually compared to retinol due to its properties - it helps with acne, and aging (wrinkles and fine lines), but it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Bakuchiol is suitable for sensitive skin, and it doesn't need a slow introduction to your routine, but it's quite a new ingredient and our knowledge of this ingredient is limited. Still, some companies use it or even mix it with retinol.    

Lots of websites I read introduced Bakuchiol as a product that is suitable for people who like to sunbathe - I would still recommend using sunscreen while using Bakuchiol since sunscreen protects the skin from UV radiation and side effects related to it like free radical damage.  

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Does bakuchiol cause purging like retinoids?  

No, bakuchiol is an antioxidant. It doesn't cause purging.   

Can I use bakuchiol during pregnancy?  

The opinions on this topic are different. There's no research on this topic so currently, many sources allow the use of bakuchiol during pregnancy, but we don't know if it won't change in the future or not.   

Can I used bakuchiol & retinol?  

Yes, after all, bakuchiol is an antioxidant. You can use bakuchiol & retinol in the same routine, even some brands use both ingredients in one product.   

Is there any age limit for bakuchiol?  

There's no official age to start your bakuchiol journey - just like retinol. It has positive properties for both teenage and mature skin.   

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum  

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum contains 10,000 ppm of Bakuchiol. Is a vegan & cruelty-free formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin? This formula can be used during morning and evening routines.  

About Purito  

Purito is a K-beauty brand focused on the skin and the environment. The brand made a cool video about its history and why it decided to remove mineral oils, PEGs and many other ingredients. The name Purito is a combination of the words Purify and the Chinese character To (土) which stands for soil. The brand name's meaning is to go back to the roots and healthy skin barrier with pure ingredients. The brand is against animal testing, so all their products are Cruelty-Free, they also donate money to Best Friend Animal Society. All the formulas (except snail line) are 100% Vegan- Friendly. They also make paper packaging from recycled paper - that's one of the things you'll notice ASAP. The packaging used by Purito has a different colour and texture. They also donate money to the Korean Federation For Environmental Movement. Purito products are free from Paraben, Ethanol, PEG, Triclosan, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Petrolatum, Sulfate, Phthalate and Oxybenzone. Products are free from synthetic fragrances and colourants.  

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum - Packaging  

Purito prepared this product in every inch. The paper box is created from 100% recycled pulp that went through Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) bleaching process. Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum comes in a glass container. Since Purito is focused on sustainability it should surprise that this bottle is created with 90% of recycled glass. The brand has strong values and they are 89% in becoming a 100% sustainable brand. This serum contains a pipette and I have to admit applying it with this pipette was a bit harder since the texture is not liquid-like toner, but a bit thicker.   

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum - Texture & Scent  

What I love about Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum is no artificial scent. Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum has a thick formula but it has a milk colour. It doesn't remind me of milk if it comes to the liquidity of the formula.   

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum - Ingredients  

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentaerythrityl Tetraethylhexanoate, Betaine, Bakuchiol (10,000 Ppm), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract), Origanum Vulgare Flower/​Leaf/​Stem Extract, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract, Adenosine, Allantoin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Cetyl Palmitate, Sodium Acrylate/​Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Hydroxyacetophenone, Pentylene Glycol, Polyisobutene, Sorbitan Palmitate, Disodium EDTA, Sorbitan Oleate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Arginine, Caprylyl/​Capryl Glucoside, 1,2-Hexanediol  

Water hides in cosmetic products under names such as Aqua or Eau. It's a solvent, but it's not your regular drinking water. Water in skin care needs to fit some standards. It should be clean and free from minerals, microorganisms or other substances. Usually, water makes up the majority of the content of the product. Butylene Glycol is a common ingredient in products. It's not only a solvent. We use butylene glycol because it helps with the penetration of active ingredients, protects products from drying and moisturizes skin and hair. This ingredient can prevent hair loss and make your hair stronger. Glycerin or Glycerol is a humectant. Its origin can be natural or synthetic - depending on the product. It protects TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and naturally occurs in the skin. It's one of the NMFs - natural moisturizing factors. It's practical in hair care. Glycerin won't clog your skin or irritate it just the opposite - it protects your skin from irritation. Pentaerythrityl Tetraethylhexanoate is an emollient. It leaves an airy film on the skin. Betaine is an amino acid. In skincare products, we use it for its moisturizing properties. Betaine keeps the water balance of the skin. It makes wrinkles appear less visible, and it soothes irritated skin. In hair care, betaine doesn't only moisturize the hair. It makes hair soft and shiny. Betaine in cosmetics usually comes from sweet beetroots. It naturally occurs in the skin and hair. Bakuchiol (10,000 Ppm) is a plant ingredient also known as phyto retinol or bio-retinol. For many people, bakuchiol is an alternative to retinol. It's derived from the seed and leaves of Psoralea Corylifolia also known as Babchi. It's an antioxidant with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It's an alternative to retinol since they have similar properties, but Bakuchiol is non-photosensitizing and it can be used during pregnancy. It slows down collagen and elastin degradation. The best part is that Bakuchiol is suitable for sensitive skin, and it doesn't need a slow introduction to your routine. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a synthetic peptide (sometimes called neuropeptide or biomimetic peptide). Lots of brands and media did a great job marketing this substance. That's why you can spot it with names such as Botox-like peptides or treatments. It won't give you the same effects as botox, but there are some similarities. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 can help with wrinkles by decreasing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines created by repetitive movements of muscles. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 inhibits SNARE complex and catecholamine release. It can stimulate collagen synthesis, and it has powerful, water-binding properties. That's why acetyl hexapeptide-8 might increase the moisture of the skin. It's better to use this peptide near the eye area to prevent fine lines in the eye area. Unless you have drooping eyelids, then the use of acetyl hexapeptide-8 is not recommended for you. If you have muscle problems, it's better to consult with your doctor or PT first, before adding acetyl hexapeptide-8 to your routine. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 can hide under the name Argireline or Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. 

Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract is a source of camphor and rosemaric acid. It's an antioxidant with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract is a source of camphor, pinene, terpineol and rosmarinic acid. It's an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It boosts hair growth and calms the scalp. Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract is a source of thymol and carvacol. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It might be sensitizing. Adenosine naturally occurs in the skin. One of the adenosine's roles in our bodies is being a neurotransmitter. In skin care, we use adenosine for its anti-wrinkle properties. Adenosine is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. It can boost collagen production. At the same time, it speeds up the healing process. Adenosine can have positive effects on reducing redness. In hair care, adenosine can help with hair loss. Allantoin is an ingredient that naturally occurs in our bodies, but brands usually go for the synthetic form of this substance. It comes from comfrey or soybean roots. It's a humectant with soothing and wound-healing properties. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate is a soothing and antibacterial ingredient. For many people, it's the only acceptable form of Licorice. This ingredient has many positive meanings for the skin - it has moisturizing properties, and it can even lighten the dark spot. Even sensitive skin should enjoy it. Olivem 1000 is a combination of Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate. It's a natural emulsifier, and beauty companies use it to create an oil-in-water emulsion. Worth mentioning it's a biodegradable formula. Cetearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol. In the beauty industry, it's an emollient. Many people associate alcohol with something awful for the epidermis, but not every alcohol is nasty. Cetearyl alcohol leaves a moisturizing film on the skin to prevent your skin from transepidermal water loss (TEWL). We use Cetearyl alcohol to create an emulsion. Caprylyl Glycol is an oily emollient and humectant. It leaves a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin. Cetyl Palmitate is an oily emollient. Sodium Acrylate/​Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer is a stabilizer. Hydroxyacetophenone is an antioxidant that is supposed to help preservatives in the formula. Pentylene Glycol is mostly a solvent and stabilizer, but it has great moisturizing properties. Sorbitan Palmitate is a non-ionic surfactant and water-in-oil emulsifier. Disodium EDTA neutralizes metal ions in the formula to keep products fresh. Sorbitan Oleate is a non-ionic surfactant. It's also an emulsifier. Ethylhexylglycerin is a preservative with subtle moisturizing and antimicrobial properties. Carbomer is a synthetic thickener. Xanthan Gum is a polysaccharide that works as a thickener. Arginine is an amino acid. It helps with protein biosynthesis in adults. According to research from 1964, a lack of arginine might raise your chance to get an HSV infection. Caprylyl/​Capryl Glucoside is a non-ionic surfactant and stabilizer. 1,2-Hexanediol is a synthetic solvent and preservative - it protects products from microorganisms by boosting other preservatives. At the same time, it can moisturize the skin, and it has no unpleasant effects on your epidermis.  

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

How does Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum work?  

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum is one of the latest Purito products. It's a vegan-friendly & cruelty-free serum recommended for all skin types. It contains 1% of Bakuchiol - a vegan alternative for retinol, sometimes it's even called bio-retinol. According to Purito, Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum scored 0,00% in the skin irritation index test.   

I have to admit Purito back in the days vs Purito now - it's a huge step. The brand had a problem with sunscreen in 2020 when the INCIDecoder founder accused the brand of using the wrong SPF labels than the actual SPF in Purito's sunscreen. This led to a huge change in sunscreens not only in Korea. Back then I liked Purito's sunscreen, I haven't tried the new ones since it's hard to keep up with, but the mistake wasn't the brand's fault, lots of brands went through the same since they used one manufacturer. Nowadays the standard is different, and lots of brands use double testing or even send sunscreen samples to a few laboratories to check UVA & UVB protection values. Even Purito step up the game, so if you're still scared of Korean sunscreens - you can stop, there's been a big change.   

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum is my first Purito product since 2021 and my first bakuchiol serum ever. I'm not super trustful if it comes to bakuchiol because research is limited, and the way how influencers, regular consumers and brands hopped onto this trend was too much for me. I've decided to give it a try and what's the result? Better than I expected.   

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum is a creamy serum which I added to my routine in winter since I needed to moisturize my skin. The amount of crap I hear daily about my skin from my family because according to them my skin is shiny because I don't moisturize my skin well and I should moisturize my skin well before microneedling treatment - plot twist, I didn't get one and I probably won't since I'm on retinal now. Still, Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum was a good thing to add to my routine during winter. This serum strengthens the skin barrier and doesn't irritate the skin. It didn't blow my mind, but it's a functional serum which I could easily gift my mom or grandma, and I wouldn't be scared that they might not like it. The formula is suitable for all skin types.   

I was a bit scared of Lavender, and Rosemary extracts but it turned out that they are suitable for my skin. The glass bottle is super professional and the way how brand recommends recycling the packaging after using it is something I have to mention. Purito has chosen a good path in the skincare game, and I can't wait what else we can expect.   

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum

Where to get Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum and how much does it cost?  

Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum costs $24.90 for 30ml on Purito's official website.  

Overall, Purito Bakuchiol Timeless Bloom Revitalizing Serum is a nice choice if you want to start using bakuchiol.   

Have you ever tried bakuchiol before? What's your favourite Purito product?



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