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Saturday 27 May 2023

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

Eyestyling is a powerful thing - coloured lenses can completely change your makeup look or make colours that don't normally work with you, finally fit your eyes. Olens released new series of lenses called Ending. Are Ending Gray and Ending Brown your next favourite lenses? 

About Olens 

Olens is the no. 1 premium colour contact lens brand from South Korea. This brand makes regular lenses as well as coloured lenses. It's a pioneer in Beauty&Healthy eye styling, and it's a brand that is recognised all over the world. Olens products were used in many Kdramas and photoshoots. The brand was in the spotlight of many beauty programs in Korea.     

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

Can coloured lenses be corrective?  

I feel like many people think that contact lenses are not for eyes with no vision problems and that coloured lenses shouldn't be used by people with vision issues. That's not true! The main reason for wearing lenses for many people is aesthetic issues or comfort issues - I started to wear lenses because I find glasses more problematic, and they usually don't fit me well. Lenses don't make me tired and I feel like thanks to contact lenses my sight is doing better than it would do with glasses. Coloured lenses are sometimes called "cosmetic lenses" since they change the visual colour of your iris, and that's something some people don't know - when you buy coloured lenses from Olens you can fit them to your needs, if you need corrective aspect of lenses, you can choose the shade of the lens and power. All the lenses I tested in this post are -3.00 power.      

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

How to choose lenses for my eyes and skin?  

If you want to try Olens so badly, but don't know what colour fits your skin - Olens has the #FindMyOlens option which helps you choose a lens shade that fits your skin tone. You can also choose graphic size and colour. There are even styling videos that can help you choose a makeup style to fit your eyes with Olens lenses on.     

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

What's Puscon?  

Since lenses used by New Jeans are mostly based on Puscon (only Haerin uses Nils Gray which are lenses made with HEMA material) it's good to know what you're using. Some of the puscon's features you should know about is that puscon is the safest bio material for contact lenses. It forms something called a "Strong Hydration Shield". It adds more moisture to the eye. Puscon prevents protein deposition and has a strong UV-block function to protect your eyes from UV radiation. Yes, UV radiation is dangerous for eyes, and it's quite rare to find lenses that block UV. My regular monthly lenses are made out of silicone-hydrogel, and puscon is more comfortable since it contains even more water and they don't get dry as fast.     

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

Olens Ending series  

Ending is the latest series released by Olens. This series is available in three different shades: Olive, Gray and Brown. I've tested shades Gray and Brown. It's a series of daily lenses, each box contains 10 pcs - 5 pairs of lenses. These lenses are supposed to give your eyes a glamorous, but natural look. Olens Ending has calm and soft two-toned colour shades with the limbal ring. They help with natural colour change. I love the enlarging effect and how subtle these lenses are. As you probably already know NewJeans - a K-pop group is an ambassador of the brand. NewJeans Minji wears Gray and Hani wears Brown versions. Both versions I've tested  

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

Olens Ending Gray  

DIA (diameter) 14,2 mm | G.DIA (graphic diameter) 13,2mm | Base curve 8.7mm | Water content: 48% | Material: Puscon  

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

Olens Ending Brown  

DIA (diameter) 14,2 mm | G.DIA (graphic diameter) 13,2mm | Base curve 8.7mm | Water content: 48% | Material: Puscon  

What's cool about these lenses? I enjoy both of them since I like darker lenses, these are not as dark as Moodnight which I'm a big fan of. They look super natural on my eyes and so far no one questioned my eye colour which can happen with Moodnight - yes, I went to get my new ID wearing brown lenses while my ID says I got blue/green eyes. Even if my eyes are blue/green still Ending series blends so well into my eyes. Since Olens Ending series is based on Puscon, these lenses are more moisturizing than regular ones so if your eyes are getting tired earlier, you might enjoy these.   

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

I am from the US, can I still order lenses from Olens?  

Yes. Contact lenses in the US are not sold as easily as in Europe. In comparison, in Europe, I can ask my optometrist or eye doctor to order lenses for me or I can order them on my own. Some brands are available in stores so even if you're out of lenses you can buy them. I had a situation when I got my first lenses and I didn't know that 1-day lenses are not as easy to put as 1-month lenses I needed to grab new pair in a random drugstore in Paris. The US situation looks different because of US FCLCA (The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act) so Olens can be ordered if you're living in the US but your lenses will go through a prescription verification system.    

Olens Ending Gray and Brown

Where to buy Olens lenses?  

Olens Ending Gray lenses and Olens Ending Brown are available on the Olens Global website. There's also Olive's version. Each version is sold in a daily option - 1 box of 10 pcs (5 pairs) costs $21. You can use my code BETWEENDOTS to save 10% on your Olens order.    

Olens has free standard shipping for orders over $100 and free express shipping for orders over $150.    

Overall, I have to admit coloured contact lenses from Olens surprised me because this brand mixes great designs with comfortable lenses.    

Do you wear contact lenses? What do you think about coloured lenses?



*** This post was made in a collaboration with Olens
even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topic and product.  ***

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