Halloween lenses? Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection & Olens Shine

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Olens Shine lenses

It's time to start a spooky season, but do you know that Korean eyestyling brand Olens has a solution even for Halloween? This time I tried regular lenses from the Shine series and Scarlet Halloween Collection. 

About Olens 

Olens is the no. 1 premium colour contact lens brand from South Korea. This brand makes regular lenses as well as coloured lenses. It's a pioneer in Beauty&Healthy eye styling, and it's a brand that is recognised all over the world. Olens products were used in many Kdramas and photoshoots. The brand was in the spotlight of many beauty programs in Korea.      

Can coloured lenses be corrective?  

I feel like many people think that contact lenses are not for eyes with no vision problems and that coloured lenses shouldn't be used by people with vision issues. That's not true! The main reason for wearing lenses for many people is aesthetic issues or comfort issues - I started to wear lenses because I find glasses more problematic, and they usually don't fit me well. Lenses don't make me tired, and I feel like thanks to contact lenses my sight is doing better than it would do with glasses. Coloured lenses are sometimes called "cosmetic lenses" since they change the visual colour of your iris, and that's something some people don't know - when you buy coloured lenses from Olens you can fit them to your needs, if you need corrective aspect of lenses, you can choose the shade of the lens and power. All the lenses I tested in this post are -3.00 power.    

How to choose lenses for my eyes and skin?  

If you want to try Olens so badly, but don't know what colour fits your skin - Olens has the #FindMyOlens option which helps you choose a lens shade that fits your skin tone. You can also choose graphic size and colour. There are even styling videos that can help you choose a makeup style to fit your eyes with Olens lenses on.     

This time the photos won't be as detailed as in previous Olens posts - sadly, my phone decided to stop co-operating. As long as it's easy to take macro shots of textures with a professional camera, taking macro shots of my iris doesn't work that well. Still, I hope the photos will show you well how Olens lenses look on my eyes.   

Olens Shine Black

Olens Shine Black  

DIA (diameter) 14,2 mm | G.DIA (graphic diameter) 13.0 mm | Base curve 8.7mm | Water content: 43% | Material: HEMA     

Let's start with daily lenses. Olens Shine Black has amazing, cold and black shade. These lenses have a limbal ring and delicate black gradient. These lenses aren't that enlarging, but I love them. My eyes are light so darker lenses are my favourite since I feel like I look more visible in them. I find HEMA very comfortable in my eyes. I'm sure on darker eyes the effect will look as natural as on blue/green eyes.   

Olens Shine Touch Milky Brown

Olens Shine Touch Milky Brown  

DIA (diameter) 14,2 mm | G.DIA (graphic diameter) 12.7 mm | Base curve 8.6mm | Water content: 40% | Material: Silicone Hydrogel     

I believe I haven't tried lenses like Olens Shine Touch Milky Brown for a long time, since Silicone Hydrogel is not as common if it comes to Olens as HEMA or Puscon. Still, I think this material is nice. My eyes don't feel dry. Olens Shine Touch Milky Brown are monthly lenses. They are available in shades of Milky Brown, Milky Choo and Milky Gray. I wasn't sure if I might enjoy the Milky Brown shade since this design looks super natural with this milky blending. These lenses also have a limbal ring that reminds me of the ViVi ring but in a more natural version. The graphic diameter is ideal if you just want to add a delicate accent to your eyes.   

Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection

Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection  

DIA (diameter) 14,5 mm | Base curve 8.6mm | Water content: 38% | Material: HEMA     

This collection is ideal for Halloween, cosplay... or some concerts. I'm not joking, I was telling my friends that I might wear some of these lenses to some gigs. Twiling Red is one of my favourite models, it's a full red lens with a black ring around it. Comfortable and effective lenses. The pigmentation is not looking like a gradient but still, if you don't look at the eye from a very short distance then the effect is nice. 

Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection

Blood Mary is a full red lens with no details. I would wear it daily even if these lenses might scare someone. I believe lenses like these wore Doja Cat in Paint The Town Red, so if you need some Halloween inspo - you're welcome.   

Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection

White Ghost lenses are white and they cover my natural eye color. I find that impressive even if my eyes are lighter. This model reminds me of the band Motionless in White, I believe this band used some non-regular lenses in their image. I tried these lenses first so I found them comfortable to wear even if I was scared since I never tried lenses that are almost fully covered. Don't worry, your vision won't be disrupted by lenses. By the way, I'm not sure what has happened with the photo, but somehow the lens is not as visible as in real life, but I can guarantee, it looks better than on a photo.

Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection

Ghost Blood is very similar white the red detail. It's a nice design, can't say anything bad about it.   

Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection

Puff Girls Pink does have a pink shade and it's visible. You can clearly see the difference between pink and red lenses. What's cool about the Scarlet Halloween Collection is that if you need corrective lenses you can still wear this line, I got mine with a -3.00 description and they work perfectly. What's cool, you get 5 different pairs in one box.   

I am from the US, can I still order lenses from Olens?  

Yes. Contact lenses in the US are not sold as easily as in Europe. In comparison, in Europe, I can ask my optometrist or eye doctor to order lenses for me or I can order them on my own. Some brands are available in stores so even if you're out of lenses you can buy them. I had a situation when I got my first lenses and I didn't know that 1-day lenses are not as easy to put as 1-month lenses I needed to grab a new pair in a random drugstore in Paris. The US situation looks different because of the US FCLCA (The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act) so Olens can be ordered if you're living in the US but your lenses will go through a prescription verification system.     

Olens Shine lenses

Where to buy Olens lenses?  

Both lenses are available on Olens website. Olens Scarlet Halloween Collection regularly costs $39, but right now you can get them for less than $20. You get 5 pairs of daily lenses with 5 different designs in one box. Olens Shine Touch Milky Brown costs $29 for 1 pair of monthly lenses. Olens Shine Black costs $21 for a box of 5 pairs (10 pcs) of daily lenses.  

Olens has free standard shipping for orders over $100 and free express shipping for orders over $150. You can use my code BETWEENDOTS to save 10% on your Olens order.    

Do you prefer regular lenses or do you want to go a bit crazy during Halloween?



*** This post was made in a collaboration with Olens
even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topic and product.  ***

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