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Saturday 20 May 2017

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It's funny how some simple topics - even our favourite ones - might be probably the scariest topics to talk about. When I've started this blog I wanted to write about lifestyle but I never thought that I'm going to write about music - besides choosing ukulele because that's like a piece of cake. Music is one of these topics which I can put next to the politics and medicine which can unite people but they can also divide them. Sometimes I feel like moving on is tightly connected with breaking your boundaries, that's why today I'm going to take you on a music journey.

I think it's pretty hilarious how hard is talking about music for me, I still remember how I felt on exams to a university - because getting to any art-related university depends on exams and requirements which other universities don't even think about - what I should tell if they are going to ask me why I've chosen music? It's easier to play a sound or to show others that you can really hear the sound and all the vibrations from this one simply note played on piano, guitar or any other instrument than using your words to prove others that your feelings about music are true. It's like with fandoms - other people are going to judge you how true is your passion about a TV series, band, etc just by your words.

How can music help you with everyday life?
I've made this post to show you how music can help you in your life. Let's start with a fact that music is all about maths & physics - that might sound like something weird but believe me - music can help you with a homework. It's time for an anecdote - I was probably the worst student ever because I've skipped the whole semester of linguistics even if it's the best subject which you can have on language studies, even if I skipped it, I still needed to pass an exam - an oral exam - hopefully we were able to choose the topic of our speech, my topic was strictly related to anatomy & sounds - how do we make a sound, how do we hear a sound, etc. The easiest part is that our body is a little bit like a guitar - a guitar has a resonator  - the body of the guitar is a resonator, our body is also a resonator but there are points where are resonators and one of them is the tip of our head (you can check it by placing your hand on your head and talking or singing, you'll feel the vibrations going through your head to your hand). I've passed this exam and I got the maximum number of the points - just to clarify, I was prepared to all the topics but what I'm doing is using the similarities between things I already know to make new things easier to understand. As you can see music can be really useful, I got asked couple times on how I've learned English and how I'm learning other languages, one of my ways to learn a new language is using music - listening to music, trying to figure out on my own the lyrics of the music then checking the meaning of the lyrics. Usually, if I need to learn a new word I'm trying to connect it with a song and then with a meaning of it - it's nothing else than a mind map. If you are an audile learning and listening to the music at the same time can also help you with making this 'map mind'. Music can help with your problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia or even panic attacks. I've got very sensitive ears and some sounds are literally hurting my ears, listening to music helps me to not only defeat these sounds but sometimes even to low down the stress level because these hurtful sounds can make me really nervous, it feels like someone is stinging my ears. If you try to focus on sound and lyrics you can find a comfort in a music. Another benefit - music can connect you with other people and it can increase your productivity - for me, it really works, if I sing along and try to clean my house I'll do that quicker and I won't feel like cleaning is the worst part of everyday routine. The whole "theory part" is behind us so let's go to the more interesting part of this post.

Classical music & movie soundtracks?
I wasn't always a fan of classical music but there are some composers which I really like for example Rachmaninov (or some of you call him Rachmaninoff). Why I've started to listen to classical music is the fact that it's obligatory in a music school - you have to know composers and their art pieces + with time you'll start to recognise some motives typical for each composer. Another thing which has changed my thinking about classical music was listening to the radio - usually when I drive a car or if I'm at home and I'm listening to traditional radio I want to kill myself - all you can hear in radio is music from 80's, disco polo or current pop hits + you have to listen to some old guys who acts like they are teenagers and they try to be cool on the radio. That's why usually when my brain and ears can't stand another hour of this loud music I'm trying to check some stations with traditional music - that's how I met the soundtrack to the movie Lust, Caution composed by Alexandre Desplat - the same man who's the composer of the soundtrack to Harry Potter series. What I love the most about Lust, Caution series is that you can hear vibraphone - an instrument which I personally loved the most at a music school - it has a soft sound and vibe. I know that lots of people are saying that they hate classical music but let's face the fact without classical music we wouldn't have our favourite soundtracks, songs or artists because all of them took the inspiration from other artists and their favourite artists took the inspiration from other artists - so no matter what we're going to the first compositions that were ever made. Some of the soundtracks I really enjoyed are Sherlock (BBC) - David Arnold, Star Wars - John Williams and The Legend Of Zelda (Game) - Koji Kondo.

Trying to get more from different genres
What music school did to me was opening my brain for new things like sounds and melodies. I've started to focus more on instruments which I tried to avoid like an accordion or even instruments which I wanted to master but they are not very common in current music like marimba or vibraphone. I also started to be more open to different music genres because you can always find something nice - even in shitty music. I always feel like you have to get mature to understand some sounds and songs, it took me about 2 years to finally understand Circa Survive - one of my favourite bands and my biggest inspiration to understand my voice. There's also a funny story how I've ended up at choir, usually, at music school, you've got an option - choir or band, only pianists have this bad position and they have to start a choir. Unfortunately, there was no place for me in the band and that was probably a sign because I met my friends in the choir and I found out that I'm not as bad as I thought. There are some sounds which I'll never understand like Marzia Gaggioli - the lady which music has to be played at every party made by Italian course students - yep, that was our inside joke. I have to admit she's a brave and very creative woman, especially when she sings in Polish and singing in any Slavic language is hard so good for her, but I do not enjoy her art because her videos and music are just a form of art or artistic performance. Although, I think that going back to folk music and instruments is a clever move - you can learn more about your roots this way, especially if you live in a different part of the world and your family came from another country. For me, piano lessons was a way to learn about my own culture - culture is a topic that we have never mentioned at home. 

All the sounds around us
Every sound around us can be inspiring - sometimes when I'm at home I like to use home supplies to make some sounds, it's a process which can help you develop your creativity - a thing which can be useful in many different jobs. I feel like with age we start to be less creative and we are more bitter. I love to travel a lot - even if I'm only couple streets away from my house I like to close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me. I've got some of my favourite sounds like birds singing in the morning or the sound of the rain at nights. I'm sure that you all have sounds or whole songs which you remember from times when you were a child. For me, i is really hard because for me different ages = different albums.

Finding a peace in a day
I care a lot about the sounds around me but sometimes it happens that sounds are making me feel stressed or scared. Some sounds are hurting my ears, that's why I hated to travel by bus to my middle school because next to this school was a centre for disability services - I'm not sure how it's called, but the problem was that people with probably a Down Syndrome who were taking this bus were talking all the way and I couldn't stand when they were saying some words and letters like "s" or "ś". I've learned to travel with earphones because it can hide some noises from the outside. To this day I'm using this technique when I am stressed or scared to make myself better, I always choose albums which I already know so I won't be scared of the new unknown sounds.

Sudio Sweden
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I hope you've enjoyed this post. Do you like music? Is music important in your life? Maybe you've got some music recommendation for me? I can't wait for your opinion on this topic.

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*** This post was made in collaboration with Sudio Sweden, even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topics and products***


  1. mam te słuchaweczki - są genialne :)

  2. Music is really importand I agree with you.

  3. This was such a different and interesting post, well done! I've never been really connected to a music genre before, I always go from one song to another that's completely different. But I've been really into bluegrass music lately!

  4. Dobra robota! Też mam te słuchawki i s a genialne ! <3

  5. Bardzo lubię muzykę, a na słuchawki chętnie zerknę :)

  6. ahh muzyka z Harrego Pottera jest dla mnie podstawą ;) zwłaszcza w drodze, kiedy stoję w korku. Niestety zgadzam się, w radiu nie ma co słuchać :) chyba, ze lecą stare polskie przeboje, to jeszcze można posłuchać


    anna from mimundonormal.pl

  7. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  8. I agree that music can improve your life. Every music that makes you happy! :)

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  9. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  10. I te złote wstawki !! JA ! Boskie są :)

  11. Super wpis.Tak przy okazji,też mam te słuchawki ❤

  12. Music is such an important factor in life. It can definitely cheer you up or tell your emotions!


  13. Prawda jest taka, że muzyka a ogromny wpływ na nasz nastrój i na naszą codzienność, może wrawić nas w super nastrój, ale też z niego wyprowadzić.

  14. Really great post! Have an amazing new week.


  15. Słuchawek nie znam. Z biegiem lat coraz bardziej lubię pop, zwłaszcza z lat 80 wzwyż, a jako nastolatka np. rock lub punk.

  16. I can't separate my life from music, well, I think everyone does. I love classical music and recently I also listen to jazz, those help me to feel calm and relax due to hectic days :)



  17. Mam ich słuchawki i dla mnie są najlepsze jaki kiedykolwiek miałam towarzyszą mi codziennie :)

    1. dla mnie najlepsze nie są, bo jednak sprzęt studyjny lepiej mi służy, ale na codzień - nie ma porównania z innymi modelami tego typu.

  18. Wow! Dowiedziałam się o Tobie coś ciekawego, czego do tej pory nie wiedziałam. Post bardzo ciekawy i fajnie ubrałaś to w słowa. Ja bardzo lubię muzykę filmową, a z klasyki najbardziej lubię Wagnera. Na co dzień relaksuję się słuchając wielu różnych gatunków. Nie przepadam jedynie za disco polo i chamskim techno. Lubię rap, punk rock, heavy metal, muzykę alternatywną, dnb i dubstep. Uwielbiam skrzypce, zawsze chciałam grać, ale niestety brak mi słuchu.
    Słuchawki wyglądają bardzo ładnie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

  19. bardzo ciekawy wpis, muzykę po prostu kocham, szczególnie klasykę rocka - moja playlista na spotify zawierająca ulubione kawałki ma już ponad 35 godzin:D

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    Post, mimo że trudny, bardzo zgrabnie Ci wyszedł ;)

  26. This was a interesting post to read. I'm open to listening to new music in different genres. I listen to everything from pop, rock, folk, classical , movie soundtracks and even game music! lol ♥


  27. Music has such a huge power over me :)

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  29. podoba mi się to połączenie i zestawienie muzyki z nauką, na co dzień tego się nie zauważa, tej powtarzalności, rytmów, nie uświadamiamy sobie, jak wiele w życiu się łączy

  30. Hello sweetie;)

    You are absolutely right with that blogpost- music rules the world;)
    Amazing blog, I am following you now;)

    Hugs from Germany;)

  31. Music for me is an anthem of my day, it changed depens on my mood. Sometimes I hear to classic music and I cry sometimes I smile, somehow I do hear the sound of rock music and I bangs like crazy. LOL

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  33. nie mam ale te złote zakończenia mi się podbają


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