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Friday 26 May 2017

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I'm probably the worst skincare blogger if it comes to my routine updates - I had a time when I did some skincare routine updates or beauty news & finds. So finally it's time for a more relaxing post to share with you some news. This time I'll share with you some news from Klairs, A'Pieu, Nature Republic and some of my current non-beauty obsessions.

A'pieu x Marymond
Let's start with some news on limited editions & new products. One of the first product which I've spotted this time was A'pieu Wonder Tension Pact made in collaboration with Marymond. There are 2 different designs - both of them has floral patterns, very characteristic motives for Marymond. I don't want to say too much about this product because this month I want to show you this cushion and then I'll tell you a long story behind this collaboration.

Etude House SoonJung
There are 3 main bands about which you'll hear at the beginning of your AB skincare journey - Tonymoly, Skin79 and Etude House. I always felt like Etude House is a brand full of cute products with not the best ingredients but their new series SoonJung is probably the best one from this brand - all the ingredients are very mild - I can recommend them for sensitive skin.

This time I'm going to focus on 3 news from Innisfree, the first one is a Non-Nano Sunscreen which is not available outside Korea yet but I hope that soon it will be. The main reason why I can't wait for this sunscreen is the fact that nano form of Titanium Dioxide is considered as the unhealthy. Another news from Innisfree - do you like their volcanic mask? I do, but now Innisfree has released 7 colour clay masks which you can use for multimasking - every mask has a different function, for example, the blue mask is a hydrating mask, the yellow one is a brightening mask and black - purifying. Another thing that I saw is the limited edition of Green Tea Seed Series - the design of the packaging is really nice, I think that due to my new work I've started to care more about nice packaging and illustrations.

Klairs - new serum?
If you saw my post on facebook - Klairs is releasing a new product. It's a 2nd new product this time, the first one was body lotion which I hope that one day I'll try it and now they are planning to release Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop.

There are 2 new products from Laneige this time - Eye Sleeping Mask and Lavender Water Sleeping Mask. Eye Sleeping Mask sounds really interesting especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen (computer, TV, smartphone) or if you've got very dry skin under your eyes. The Lavender Water Sleeping Mask is a limited edition of Water Sleeping Mask. Both versions of Water Sleeping Mask - limited edition & standard one have different packaging this time to raise awareness for water conservation. I do recommend the standard version of this mask - it's my favourite sleeping pack which I hope that one day I'll share with you, my review on this product.

Nature Republic Rose Foam Cleanser
What interesting can be hidden in a normal cleansing foam? There's no way this beauty product can get more attractive! It turns out that good design can make normal cleansing foam into a pretty product - again if you follow me on Facebook you already saw the new Nature Republic Real Fresh Rose Mousse Foam Cleanser - applicator looks so interesting, it turns the cleanser into a small foam rose!


I won a blog contest
That's all of the beauty news, now I'm going to focus a bit on kherblog and all the stuff about this blog. I must say that May was a successful month for my blog. Thanks to Karolina from blog Mint on Mars I was able to take a part in a blog contest made by brand Equilibra. The brand was selecting 3 blogs which were the most interesting for them and luckily my blog was selected. It's nice to see that my work is being awarded but I must also admit that I'm even happier when I see that the information here on Kherblog are useful for you. There are some little things that always keeps me motivated and I think that my life without this blog would be even worse because being university dropout has good and bad site - if you want to stay on track and keep your mind clean you just have to find a new hobby, meet new people and change something in life. I am thankful that you're still here with me and I hope that you'll enjoy every post that I'm already planning to make.

I want also to share with you some of my updates on kherblog's Instagram account - betweendots. I always share with you, my updates and tips. This month was quite lazy, I'm still trying to change my apps because I normally edit my photos on Lightroom app but now I'm trying to change it and I want to start editing photos on my computer because I finally decided to work with RAW files - I used to avoid RAW files for ages even if I know that RAW's are easier to work with.

Almost every morning I'm checking on Pinterest to find some new inspirations. This month I was working a lot on garden project - not the last project but honestly, if being a landscape architect is going to look like my current "work" which involves crappy apps full of horrible perspective then I won't work as an architect - I've spent 8 hours on trying to log into an app and I made probably the worst garden ever - I'm not even thinking about keeping my perfect score on my studies, now I just hope that my project will pass. Usually, if I need to plan a garden - no matter if it's on an app or on a paper I'm using Pinterest to get an inspiration.

This month I was able to collaborate with Sudio Sweden, I've been testing their wireless Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earphones and I also made a post inspired by their headphones about music and how to use music every day. Thanks to Sudio Sweden, I've got a promo code -15% off of your order with a code "betweendots15" there's no deadline so you can use it whenever you want.

The brands I've been crazy about lately
Sometimes I think that I should delete my Facebook account because all the news and ads on FB are making me wanna get all these amazing products. Primera is quite an expensive brand and I knew about it before but the new limited version looks so cute, that's why I've started to check products from this brand. Thanks to Jolse I had an occasion to test Vprove cream, I already tried to search for some new Vprove products and for sure I'll try to order some of their products soon. Finally RE:P and Neogen are available in Poland (you can order them from, as long as Neogen is available on Ebay and other websites, RE:P in Poland costs less than on Ebay or in other European shops, this brand has a leaping bunny certificate and their ingredients are very pure + the design is minimalistic. I also had a little sad story this month - I've been having very bad reactions to the sun, even worse than a year ago or eight years ago. Normally, I would get a rash on my arms, this time I've got a strong light reaction and I literally spend half of the day in the bathroom where I can't find any source of sunlight because there's no window there. I don't even imagine how do I look when I go out - I'm doing my best just to avoid sunlight. Something is not working with my suncream and that's why I've started to search for a new one, the choice right now is between Innisfree and Make P:Rem.

My current wishlist
1. Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream
2. Primera Watery Oil-Free Gel Cream
3. Primera Watery Overnight Mask
4. Make P:Rem UV Defense Me. Blue Ray Sun Cream
5. 9wishes Rose Capsule Essence
6. Vprove Cream Expert Rose Veil Cream 35ml
7. Vprove Ampoule Expert Milk Peel Ampoule
8. Nature Republic Real Fresh Black Tea Nourishing Mask
9. Nature Republic Real Fresh Rose Petal Moisture Mask
10. RE:P Bio Fresh Mask With Real Vitality Herb
11. RE:P Nutrinature Ultra All-Night Moisture & Relief Mask
12. RE:P Nutrinature Ultra Nourishing Cream
13. Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Skin Lotion
14. Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask
15. Cezanne Skin Conditioner

I think that my wishlist this month is quite long and it's full of face masks... My face mask addiction needs to be stopped. There are also 3 Japanese products which I want to check - I've tried EU/US version of Hada Labo and I've got mixed feelings, there's a one sheet mask which I've really enjoyed and that's why Hada Labo Face Mask is on my wishlist.

My skincare hasn't changed too much. I've started to use a 7-skin method which I hope I'll share with you soon. I also started to use thermal water more often because it helps me survive the day.

My current obsessions - current recommendations
I don't speak too much about my favourite tv shows, albums, blogs or websites here. Unfortunately, I have no blogs or websites this month - I'll do better next time, I need to save links next time. What I want to talk about this time is Eurovision - I'm glad that Portugal won, the song was amazing and even if you don't know the language you'll understand the feelings. Somehow this song reminded me of old movies and Edith Piaf. I must admit that on the bottom of my heart I was hoping that maybe Bulgaria or Ukraine will win (again) but I'm still happy that next year we're going to watch Eurovision from Portugal, especially that Eurovision gets better every year. What else can I tell you? I can't wait for new PVRIS album - I'm sure that this band might be unknown to you but I recommend their new song.
Anyway, do you have any drama/tv recommendation? I know that everyone is obsessed with 13 reasons why but honestly it makes me so anxious that I think it's safer for my brain to avoid this title. Right now I'm watching Chicago Typewriter - I really enjoy this title and I don't know how I'm going to survive the last episode - it's the same as with Goblin, I'm going to cry for couple weeks.

I wanted to post the results earlier but due to some personal reasons (I'm literally 24/7 at work now) I had to postpone them a little bit. I'm planning next giveaway in June but lots of my plans has been changed and I'm trying to find something cool for the next giveaway.

The winner of giveaway is: grrrlwithcat - please, send me an e-mail with your adress on

How was your month? What's on your wishlist? Do you have your favourite brand this month or maybe you found out a new beauty product which you want to share with us?

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  1. Gratuluję Ci wygranej u Mint On Mars, widziałam na FB :)

  2. Z przyjemnością zaobserwowałam Twój profil na insta, bardzo mi się podoba! ;-))

  3. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  4. Gratuluję wygranej w Twoim rozdaniu, a Tobie - u Equalibry :D Mają fajne kosmetyki z aloesem, więc pewnie będziesz z nich zadowolona :D Spodobały mi się te krótkie podsumowania nowości azjatyckich marek - nigdzie wcześniej nie zauważyłam czegoś podobnego, jeśli chodzi o polskie blogi :)

  5. I never worked with raw files either! I need to look into that. And I love following you on instagram, your feed is beautiful, love your updates. <3
    The Fancy Cats

  6. Gratulacje, że zostałaś doceniona przez Equilibrę! ;D Pewnie konkurencja była spora!

  7. Coś mi przycisk na tłumaczenie polski nie działa, ale to nic :) zrozumiałam ale nie wszystko :D jeśli chodzi o mnie to ja bardzo polubiłam maskę (ostatni post) z kwasem migdałowym która fenomenalnie działa na moją skórę, ulubieńcem w kwestii maseczek jest też maska od skin 79 ale niestety już ją wycofują i nie mam gdzie jej dorwać, kolejny produkt to czyścik skin79 i żel aloesowy Holika Holika :) mam kilka produktów na hciej liście ale stwierdziłam że póki mam zapas produktów do pielęgnacji to nie będę kupować kolejnych :)

  8. Ja również mam problem z przyciskiem :( Wchodzę już któryś raz, bo myślałam, że to u mnie coś nie śmiga, ale widzę, że Aneczkablog też ma ten problem.
    Bardzo mnie kusza te słuchawki, no i ta promocja 15% :) Fajnie, ze nie ma terminu, więc mogę na spokojnie przemyśleć :)

    1. Niestety nie będzie tym razem działać - na facebooku wszystko jest wytłumaczone. Prawdopodobnie czeka mnie przejście na wordpress ponieważ ja dosłownie nie mam już pomysłów, próbowałam cały dzień to naprawić i wygląda ze blogger ma problem z czytaniem kodów.

  9. Congratulations you won the blog contest!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. Czekam z niecierpliwością na opis tej metody 7-skin, brzmi intrygująco. Masz faktycznie długą wishlistę. Ja mam podobnej długości, ale z ubraniami. Pozdrawiam ;)

  11. Good post and congrats to the winner !
    xx, Lea.

  12. Yay! Congrats to the winner! <3 Such great products! :)

  13. congrats to the winner. I love to read about your skin care routine. it is really helpful.

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

  14. zglosila sie zwyciezczyni?

  15. Jest na co czekac, oby wszystko udało się nabyć :)

  16. Twoje słuchawki mają świetny kolor :) a co do wishlisty, kupuj i testuj z chęcią poczytam i skorzystam haha :D

  17. I cant wait for your skin care routine. Congrats on wining the blog contest.

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  20. Marka Hada Labo też jest na moim radarze, ale zdecydowanie nie polska wersja z Rossmanna. Nie rozumiem dlaczego na polski rynek składy zostały pozmieniane.

  21. Na te słuchawki czaimy się już od baaardzo dawna :D

  22. Fantastic products! I'd like to try it!

  23. gratuluję wygranej :) należała Ci się :) też uważam, że Twój blog jest naprawdę interesujący i na wysokim poziomie :) bardzo lubię do Ciebie zaglądać :)
    zainteresowały mnie nowości od klairs :) niedługo skończy mi się serum mokosh i właśnie dumam, czym by je zastąpić ;) może skuszę się na coś od nich :)

  24. Thanks for the great post) Have a nice week!

  25. Uwielbiam Pinterest! Tam inspiracji nigdy nie brakuje, świetna chciej lista :)

  26. Same cuda... a ja z niczym z tej listy nie miałam jeszcze okazji się spotkać, szkoda.

    PS Jako że tematyka mi bliska, pozwalam sobie zaobserwować ;)

  27. Gratuluję wygranej :) Ciekawe te produkty do pielęgnacji, nie znam ani jednego!

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  30. Jej, jaki długi i ciekawy wpis! Gratuluję :)

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  32. Gratuluję wygranej w konkursie :)

  33. Sounds like the month of May has been treating you well! Congratulations on winning the blog contest! That's fantastic! I'm the same way as you with face masks. I also can't get enough of them. Hopefully you will get some items on your wish list soon :)

  34. I like your wishlist 😊

  35. Widzę, że u Ciebie wiele się dzieję a przynajmniej starasz się być systematyczna bo u mnie z tym niestety jest dosyć ciężko, ale .. wszystko staram się nadrabiać:) Trochę nie pomaga mi w tym zmiana środowiska i praca, bo chciałabym wszystko zwiedzić, dowiedzieć się a wtedy brak czasu na blogosferę. Jednak są w życiu sprawy ważne i ważniejsze, nie?
    Długa ta lista! U mnie maseczki miały iść w ruch xxx miesiecy temu i do tej pory zrobiłam .. kicha, nie zrobiłam żadnej! Nie mogę się za to zabrać :c


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