Tea with milk please! Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream Review

Monday 12 March 2018

Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream Review

I'm a tea lover and I always thought that I love tea in every way it exists - as a drink, in a cake but there's only one way in which I tolerate mixing tea with milk is in a cream. One of the creams that mix these two ingredients in one product is an Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream, a cream which uses a high-temperature steam technique to prevent the moisture loss and give the skin a lightweight formula with lots of hydration. Is it as delicious as it sounds?

Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream Review

Get to know the brand

I'm always surprised how unappreciated is Alive Lab - a South Korean skincare brand which is probably mostly known for Centella Dressing Powder which I personally have never tried yet but I'm obsessed with Centella since it helped me a lot with my skin during last two years. It was quite hard for me to find brand's history but what I've found out is that they focus on making products from natural ingredients to make very clear and harmless formulas. All the products are focused on sensitive skin and it shouldn't be surprising since the Centella line contains Powder or Foam Cleanser and the portfolio of Alive Lab isn't huge like with big companies which is usually a good sign.

Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream Review

What happens when you mix milk and tea?

The main ingredients of this cream are Milk Extract and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract but between these two I would prefer to focus on Camellia Sinensis since it's a powerful antioxidant which we really need in our skincare. The whole magic of antioxidant is in its abilities to prevent and repair skin damages made by for example time or UV rays - but don't suspect too much, even if it's better to start now than later turning back the damages made on the skin is not a simple process. It's an emollient with antibacterial properties which makes it an ideal ingredient for acne-prone and sensitive skin as a part of a moisturizer. I was quite surprised to see Beta-Glucan and Squalane in this formula. Beta-Glucan is a powerful antioxidant recommended for sensitive skin and people with allergies and Squalane is a lightweight oil which naturally occurs in skin barrier and sebum. With age, the number of Squalane in our skin starts to decreases and for our skin, it's a very important part since it protects the skin from dehydration and it speeds up the healing process. Besides that, we can find Niacinamide, Arginine, Allantoin, Panthenol and Adenosine in the product. But there are also some weak points like Cetearyl Alcohol or Dimethicone which might be comedogenic but not many people do react to Dimethicone so that's a good news. 

Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream Review

All about Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream

The texture of the cream reminds me a lot of a heavy cream but on the skin, I can't feel the heaviness - it's very light and it doesn't feel sticky. The colour of the cream reminds me of a milk mixed with coffee, not a tea mixed with coffee. This cream has a scent but I'm surprised that it does not contains lots of natural extracts or scent ingredients what is 100% good thing for sensitive skin. But I've got only one problem with this cream - it doesn't work with my foundation. It's a good cream, I even used it on my legs and I had no reactions and yes, my legs react quickly to all allergens and ingredients that might trigger my sensitive skin and nothing happened but it's a cream with I can use only at night or only with a sunscreen. I do not know where's the problem - if my foundation just has a conflict with this formula or if it just doesn't work with makeup, I do not have any other Foundation/BB Cream to try it so I might actually try to use it with different product one day and update this post but I can for sure tell you that this cream is an economical choice since a small amount is enough for the entire face and neck, especially for the neck area it seems to work really nice. The product contains spatula and second lid which is a good thing - I know that some of you do not like jars even if they look nice because of hygiene but I feel like this cream is worth a try. I was surprised with the hydration since my skin was hydrated when I woke up, usually my level when the cream is bad is dry - I check skin hydration with Wayskin Device.

Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream Review

Where can I find it?

The good news is that Alive Lab Steam Milk-Tea Cream is available on Wishtrend and it costs $14.90 for 80ml which is a decent price in my opinion. I believe that graphic design might look more appealing to the teenagers but it's still a brand which I encourage to give them a try if not Steam Milk-Tea Cream then maybe Alive Lab Red-spot Lemon Powder or Alive Lab Centella Dressing Powder

How do you like your tea? Would you like to see milk mixed with tea in the cream formula? What do you think about this moisturizer?


*** This post was made in collaboration with Alive Lab, even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topic and product. This post contains affiliate links - using them helps me pay for domain***

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