Are these really perfumes? Irisen La belle vie Inner Perfumes

Monday 28 September 2020

My love for K-beauty is quite strong, and I guess visible. I wasn't a fan of skincare, but my friend recommended me to try Korean skincare products and then I ended up with esthetician licence. Even my makeup has changed, but perfumes? Thanks to Kita's Global Marketing Panel, I was able to try Irisen La belle vie Inner Perfumes. What's that? I do not know too, but let's find out. 

What's my problem with perfumes? 

I'm not a fan of perfumes for a simple reason - my nose is not cheap. Majority of scents which you can find in drugstores - cheaper and more expensive ones are giving me a headache. I've got two brands which I go for when I need perfumes - Jo Malone and Atelier Cologne - they aren't expensive if you think I'm wrong then look at niche perfumes. You can spend over $100/30ml for niche brands. We are living in weird times thanks to COVID that's why GMP panel season 4 was different from previous seasons. I couldn't choose a product to test this time on my own. Every time someone asked me to review scents, I declined the proposal because I'm not a fan of perfumes + about 90% of offers were just some scents to smell like high-end brands, but with lots of alcohol and cheap packaging. I'm not a fan of fake luxury goods. In my previous job, I was verifying scents, skincare & makeup, bags and clothes - if they were original or fake. The reason why I've decided to accept the GMP proposal was easy - the packaging of the product they sent me in the e-mail was something which I know will sell out. Pastel, minimalistic packaging which lots of my friends would buy no matter the price. 

What's inner perfume? 

There's no such thing as an inner perfume in Europe, at least nothing I know. When I google "inner perfumes", I found another brand that makes perfumes for your underwear. This company is from Korea, and what the other brand claims is that inner perfumes are a mix of natural oils (essential oils in this case) and they don't only give your undies some scent, but help with problems down there. I do not feel like it's a product which you need in your life - we got scented pads, and from what I know the majority of my friends go for cotton/unscented pads, because of irritation. Some of you know that I work with sanitary pads, shampoos and laundry detergents - I know what clients choose and what sensitize them. I did not test Irisen inner perfumes on my underwear. 

About brand Irisen 

Nothing. I couldn't find anything about this brand. Asked a few other bloggers who took part in testing, and they had the same issue. By the way, I was googling the brand in both English and Korean. I only found the Thai website of cosmetic responsible seller Aisance Co., Ltd. Thai language is something that defeats me every single time. I've been using Chinese apps for years without knowing the language, but Aisance website won with me. 


The packaging in the photo sent to me was pastel and minimalistic. I knew that it's a sample, but I had no information on the size. What did we get? Tiny bottles of essential oils that don't remind me of anything I saw before. I won't complain about the amount because as I said - I'm not a fan of perfumes, but if someone would buy the product by photo and got this, they would be angry. All I can say about the sample is that the application process is not easy. According to the brand, 1-2 drops are enough. 

Texture & Scent 

I have no idea how to tell you which product has which scent. The texture shouldn't surprise - it's an essential oil or I should say a mixture of EO. Let me add one more thing - they are pure oils, it's better to dilute them because EO's on pure skin might cause contact dermatitis. Don't forget that essential oils can be phototoxic. The turquoise one smells like strawberry with raspberry or other berries. This scent is sweet. The pink one reminds me of berries too, but this scent is icky. It reminds me of the fruits of the forest. The blue one is more neutral but still sicky. It reminds me of moth deterrent with lavender oil. When you buy perfumes, you will get information on top notes, middle notes and base notes, but not in this case. 

Irisen La belle vie Inner Perfumes - my opinion 

According to the information I got on a small paper which you can lose in a few minutes, this product is for the Y-zone. What does that stand for? Some might call it V-zone, but it's for underwear and sanitary napkins or pads, but you can use it as regular perfumes too - wrist, ear, ankle, etc. There's no information on ingredients - only natural origin, moisturizing oil, cleanliness and fragrance that lasts 48 hours or more. Do not use it if it irritates you, on fresh wounds and keep it away from kids and sunlight. I swear for me its a mixture of essential oil which I did not use on my skin. My first problem is the lack of information on the packaging. Thanks to two previous series of Global Marketing Panel, I found Celefit, a brand which I use every single day, and Arztin - another brand which I can recommend. The small paper which I got with the packaging lacks some information, but the information I got has mistakes. Even if there are some misspelt words, it shouldn't happen if the brand wants to get to foreign customers. I'm not sure about Korean translation, because my level of Korean is too poor to check it. It's unprofessional, or even want to say unacceptable (read it in Lemongrab's voice). My second problem is the packaging - if you use it as perfumes on your body, then it's quite hard to apply. Problem number three - the scent. It's too heavy, the base for these perfumes are essential oils, it's nothing weird, but the heavy fruity scent is too much for me. I can't even apply it on my body because I know it'll end up with headache and puking. I put one drop on my hand, and I thought I'll get contact dermatitis or start to feel like I'm going to choke. After using this product, I had to avoid food because I felt like I'm going to vomit any second. I wouldn't use it as an inner perfume because I would be scared of allergic reactions to essential oils. After all, natural ingredients are usually more sensitizing than a synthetic one. 

I'm not talking about tax which I had to pay due to DHL - I have no respect for this company after all because I went through many problems with them before. It's not a part of my review. I do not feel like people would be interested in such product, especially if they would see unique pastel packaging and then got essential oils in the cheapest brown glass bottle - it makes it no different from normal EO's and probably you'll spend less on pure EO's than on this mix. That's all I can say. The name reminds me a bit of Lancome's La Vie est Belle - another scent which I'm not a fan of. I'm sure that even green beauty lovers won't be happy with this product due to the application of it, and the fact that there are many vegan & natural perfumes with better design and scent. 

Let me know would you buy such a product, and what do you think about it? What kind of scents are you searching for?



*** This post was made in collaboration with Kmall24 as a part of Kita Global Marketing Panel (Season 4)even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topic and product***

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