Perfect duo for your winter routine? Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

During winter your skin and lips need special care. Sioris is a K-beauty brand which knows how to create great formulas based on natural and organic ingredients. Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm are a nice duo, but are these products good for wintertime? 

This post was made in collaboration with Sioris and Bazzaal 

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

About Sioris 

Sioris is not the newest brand on the market, it already gained popularity all around the world. The brand creates formulas from natural ingredients, what matters for Sioris is creating no harm to skin and nature. The brand likes to use seasonal ingredients. All the products from Sioris are Vegan-friendly and they usually come in eco-friendly packaging (tiny note, if you buy from big stores - not every big store has changed the way of preparing orders for shipping to be more sustainable).   

The name Sioris is a combination of words simple and original. The brand's slogan is "the simple way to harness the freshness of nature". I find it surprising how well Sioris deal with distribution since the brand doesn't distribute products older than one year to make sure that every client will get the freshest product available. It's important when your products have fewer preservatives and ingredients that make formulas stay fresh longer. Eco-friendly preservatives exist, I wasn't able to check all Sioris formulas, but even Citric Acid or Butylene Glycol - it's a nice moisturizer and solvent, but it works as a preservative if you use it in the right concentration.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

What is an essener?  

The name Essener stands for Essence and Toner. Both toner and essence are products that can help with your skin's moisture. Back in the day, we used toner to balance the skin while now many cleansers have a pH of 5.5 aka the best pH for the skin since the skin has similar pH. In my case, when I use cleansers with a pH over 6, I usually can spot more acne. Toners now are not a thing that has to be in your routine, same with essences, but I still enjoy having them in my routine. Essences can be hydrating, but usually, they are liquid but well-concentrated solutions to boost your routine. Sioris created Essener which allows you to skip one of your routine steps - you got one product that is the equivalent of two products - a toner and essence.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris My First Essener - Packaging  

The bottle of Sioris My First Essener came to me in a paper box. Both paper boxes and glass bottles fit Sioris' aesthetics. The label on the packaging can be removed with water - it dissolves in water, and the bottle can be recycled.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris My First Essener - Texture & Scent  

I'm surprised since Sioris My First Essener is thicker than I expected it to be. It's not as liquid as toner, but it reminds me of Korean toners - the thick ones which I find the most moisturizing for my skin. The scent is natural, I can smell some tea and rose, but still, the scent is very subtle.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris My First Essener - Ingredients  

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Water, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Betaine, Polyglutamic Acid, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Sclerotium Gum, Citric Acid  

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract is an antioxidant - it fights free radicals and fixes the damage. Green tea is a source of many positive to the skin substances such as catechins (EGCG, EGC, EC, CG), flavonoids, amino acids, vitamin C, and minerals. It works for all skin types. Since it has antibacterial properties, many products for young, acne-prone skin contain this ingredient. It has soothing properties, and it's good to use it along with sunscreen to boost the protection of your skin. Water hides in cosmetic products under names such as Aqua or Eau. It's a solvent, but it's not your regular drinking water. Water in skin care needs to fit some standards. It should be clean and free from minerals, microorganisms or other substances. Usually, water makes up the majority of the content of the product. Glycerin or Glycerol is a humectant. Its origin can be natural or synthetic - depending on the product. It protects TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and naturally occurs in the skin. It's one of the NMFs - natural moisturizing factors. It's practical in hair care. Glycerin won't clog your skin or irritate it just the opposite - it protects your skin from irritation. Pentylene Glycol is mostly a solvent and stabilizer, but it has great moisturizing properties. Butylene Glycol is a common ingredient in products. It's not only a solvent. We use butylene glycol because it helps with the penetration of active ingredients, protects products from drying and moisturizes skin and hair. This ingredient can prevent hair loss and make your hair stronger. Rosa Damascena Flower Water is a rose hydrosol with anti-inflammatory properties. It's a source of flavonoids and it's a great choice for dry, mature and acne-prone skin types. It might be sensitizing. Betaine is an amino acid. In skincare products, we use it for its moisturizing properties. Betaine keeps the water balance of the skin. It e wrinkles appear less visible, and it soothes irritated skin. In hair care, betaine doesn't only moisturize the hair. It makes hair soft and shiny. Betaine in cosmetics usually comes from sweet beetroots. It naturally occurs in the skin and hair. 

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Polyglutamic Acid is a polymer with high moisturizing properties. Since it's a big molecule that naturally occurs in fermented soy, it leaves a film on the skin. Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract is one of the ingredients from the Artemisia family. Artemisia Princeps is also known as Japanese mugwort, first wormwood or Yomogi. Mugwort is still a trendy ingredient in K-beauty. Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract is an anti-inflammatory ingredient and a source of phellandrenes. Sodium Hyaluronate or sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It's a form of hyaluronic acid and naturally occurs in the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate has strong water-binding properties. Sodium hyaluronate combined with elastin and collagen is like a scaffolding for the skin. It has hydrating properties and leaves a hydrating film on the skin, but sodium hyaluronate prevents skincare products from drying. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid is a low-weight humectant. We have to remember that not every molecule can get through the skin surface and lower molecule HA can penetrate the skin deeper and bring moisture inside the skin. It's a natural polymer that binds water in the skin to prevent TEWL (transepidermal water loss). Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient loved by everyone! Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the skin. It's a glycosaminoglycan or GAG. What does that mean? It's a long polysaccharide - nothing else than sugar, and we all know what sugars do in the skin. It's not different from Hyaluronic Acid - it acts like a humectant. One HA molecule is supposed to hold up to 1000x heavier molecules than this one single HA molecule. Hyaluronic acid can have different molecular weights - smaller molecules are usually more hydrating than bigger ones. Sclerotium Gum is a polysaccharide obtained during the fermentation of Sclerotium rolfsii. It works as a thickener in skin care products and it prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Citric acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) - a delicate exfoliant and a buffering ingredient. It adjusts the pH of the formula.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

How does Sioris My First Essener work?  

I already reviewed Sioris My First Essener earlier this year, but Sioris' formuals are always developing. You can check my old post about Sioris My First Essener or check this one which is based on an up-to-date formula.   

Sioris My First Essener is not my first product from Sioris, since I have a mini version of the rose mist. I was surprised with how aesthetically pleasing this brand is but at the same how interesting can be a formula made out of 14 ingredients. I can even add, very simple ingredients, but sometimes simple solutions are the best and few brands prove that. One of these brands is Sioris. The texture is not very bubbly until you shake it. It's a thick toner & essence mixed with one big moisturizing molecule to help your skin gain moisture and balance. My skin type is a combo skin type but during the winter it gets a bit dehydrated and easily irritated - it's nothing weird since during winter we usually use heating and the whole change of the season can end up with some dehydration (on the other hand, during summertime skin has fewer problems with acne due to temperature). By the way, do you know that even JYP recommended Sioris My First Essener?   

My routine with Sioris My First Essener looks simple - I go for cleansing then Sioris My First Essener. Depends if it's morning or evening, in the morning I follow with a serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen. During the evening routine - sometimes I use an acid solution next or serum, eye cream and moisturizer. I do skip toner when I use Sioris My First Essener because I don't feel like my skin at the moment needs more moisture. I do sometimes use Squalane Oil in my routine since my skin enjoys it and it's easier to massage your skin with this oil. The glass bottle is one of the reasons why I enjoy this product, it has a tiny element that helps with the application of the product. It's not the easiest thing to apply this product on your hand since the formula is thick, but still, I feel like Sioris My First Essener is a good fit in my routine and if you don't like routine with many steps or you are similar to me - my evening routine starts at 4 am while morning one 8 am or even 12 pm or 3 pm (yes, my sleeping schedule is a mess). It's been like 3 or 4 months and I'm not even in the middle of the bottle - I'm surprised how a small amount of this formula is enough to give your skin lots of moisture.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris My First Essener can be used for toner masks. How to do a toner mask? Sadly, I couldn't find Rayon pads, but many Korean brands sell pads that you can easily soak in toner or essence and shred into 4-5 pieces they sell thin pads but the material is stronger than in regular cotton pads. Using these pads to soak in toner/essence and then leaving them for a few minutes on your skin is a solution that we call a "toner mask".    

It's good to mention that when you buy Sioris My First Essener you're doing good things for the environment. For every sold bottle of Sioris My First Essener, Sioris donates 1,000KRW to the Forest Of Life which is 1/3 of the cost that is needed to plant one tree. Sioris also shares 1% of domestic sales with the Forest Of Life. I have to say, I appreciate Sioris for sharing the information about the pH of this product, Sioris My First Essener has a pH of 5.12.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris More Than Lip Balm - Packaging  

Sioris More Than Lip Balm comes in the same paper box as My First Essener. I love the aesthetic, the lip balm packaging fits Sioris a lot - it's not beige, it's something between beige and grey. The packaging is matte with black letters. The packaging is made in 25% out of PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris More Than Lip Balm - Texture & Scent  

The balm has a very stable, yellow-coloured texture that melts when you touch your lips or skin with it. It has a delicate scent that reminds me of lip balms, but it doesn't remind me of any particular scent. Even if this formula is full of oils, Sioris More Than Lip Balm isn't oily or greasy.  

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Sioris More Than Lip Balm - Ingredients  

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil (19.17%), *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (19%), Beeswax (19%), Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil (17.8%), *Shea Butter (8.21%), *Olea Europaea(Olive) Fruit Oil (5%), Perilla Ocymoides Seed Oil (5%), Candelilla (Euphorbia Cerifera) Wax (4.5%), Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil (2.2%), Hizikia Fusiforme Extract (2%), Tocopherols, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil  

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil (19.17%) or Castor Oil is an emollient with a variety of uses in the beauty industry. It's derived from Ricinus communis, and it's a source of ricinoleic acid, and linoleic acid, It leaves an occlusive film on the surface of the skin to prevent your skin from TEWL. *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (19%) is an oily emollient, and a source of fatty acids like lauric acid, myristic acid or palmitic acid. It leaves a film on the surface of the skin. It works better on dry skin than on acne-prone skin. In hair care, coconut oil protects hair from water loss, and prevents damage and split ends. Coconut oil has very weak UV protection properties, but it doesn't mean that you can use it instead of sunscreen. Beeswax (19%) or Cire D'abeille (or Cera Alba) is a non-vegan (and vegetarian) friendly emollient. Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil (17.8%) is an emollient and a source of oleic and palmitoleic acids. It's a source of Vitamin A and E. Macadamia Oil is a phenomenal choice for sensitive and dry skin. In hair care, this ingredient can help with dry and fragile hair. *Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter (8.21%) is a butter obtained from seeds of the Vitellaria paradoxa tree - a tree typical for Africa. It's an emollient rich in antioxidants like vitamin E or vitamin A. It's a source of oleic acid, stearic acid and linoleic acid. Shea butter is a well-moisturizing emollient that leaves a fine film on the skin and hair to protect from dehydration. It has soothing properties, and it might provide sun protection around SPF 2-4 (still, use proper sun-protecting agents instead of oils and butter for your safety). This ingredient is an excellent choice for dry skin and psoriasis. Shea butter hydrates hair and helps them look shinier. It's good to choose certified shea butter from a trusted source. 

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

*Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil (5%) is an oil which you probably know well from your kitchen. Olive Oil in cosmetics works as an emollient. It's a source of many antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamins A, and E and fatty acids like oleic acid. It has nourishing properties. Perilla Ocymoides (Beefsteak Plant) Seed Oil (5%) is a source of omega acids, flavonoids and rosmarinic acid. This oil is an anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. It speeds up the healing process and regenerates the skin. Candelilla (Euphorbia Cerifera) Wax (4.5%) is a shiny wax popular in lip products, a substitute for beeswax. An oily emollient and emulsifier. Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil (2.2%) is an avocado oil - a source of oleic, palmitic and linoleic acid, Vitamin A, D, and Vitamin E. It's great for skin, hair and nails. Hizikia Fusiforme Extract or Hijiki Extract has anti-inflammatory properties. It's a brown alga popular in Japan, according to Japanese folklore Hijiki is related to health condition and beauty - eating Hijiki regularly can improve the condition of your hair. It's a source of iron, calcium, fucoxanthin and fucoidans. Tocopherol is an antioxidant known as Vitamin E. It's an oil-soluble vitamin that fights free radicals and makes UVB protection and natural lipid barrier stronger. It's good to mix it with vitamin C for better effects. Oily skin might react with pore-clogging to vitamin E. It is not true that vitamin E works as a preservative or helps with scars. Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil is a source of linoleic acid and vitamin E. Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil works as an emollient. Sometimes you can see it as a carrier oil for other substances. It has anti-inflammatory properties and makes the skin barrier stronger. This oil should work on all types of hair porosity.   

How does Sioris More Than Lip Balm work?  

Sioris More Than Lip Balm is made out of organic ingredients in 93,4%, but it's 100% natural. Sioris did a great job by selecting 12 ingredients to create a lip balm. According to the brand, all the ingredients used in Sioris More Than Lip Balm are free from pesticides, what does that mean? While plants were growing, they grew up naturally without pesticides. I love how Sioris mentions that Perilla Oil they use comes from plants that grew in Uljin, North Gyeongsang Province. It shows how the brand is focused on supporting local businesses (and I'm aware some of you would consider me to be a hypocrite because I should support local businesses - as long as the local beauty industry is not my cup of tea since they don't usually fit my skin and hair needs, I love to support businesses in my area like local fresh markets).   

Even if Hijiki might remind you more of Japan, Sioris went for a Hijiki extract from Jeju Island. I guess this extract makes Sioris More Than Lip Balm so unique. Sioris   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

When I started to test Sioris More Than Lip Balm, I found out that this formula is non-greasy. It's a lip balm which I can actually like - it has a very delicate, mild scent. It almost has no scent, since the scent comes from natural oils in this case, and the formula is just perfect. Lightweight but super moisturizing, it's not sticky so if you can't avoid coloured lipstick during winter or the entire year but your lips need additional moisture - using Sioris More Than Lip Balm under coloured lipstick or on coloured lipstick is a good idea. What's interesting, Sioris More Than Lip Balm is a multi-balm stick. You can use it as lip balm or you can use it as a multi-balm stick in the eye area. I didn't try it this way, but I also thought about this purpose the first time I tested Sioris More Than Lip Balm on my hand.   

I test lip balms a bit differently since I start using them on my hands to see how they spread, to smell them and see if they are greasy or sticky. Then I use them on my lips. My lips are super dry so I have to reapply this Sioris More Than Lip Balm after every drink and food I got, but overall, it's a finishing I enjoy. As a person with celiac disease and few allergies, the ingredients in lip products matter the most to me - I don't want to trigger my allergies with a beauty product. Thankfully, it's not the case with Sioris More Than Lip Balm.   

To sum up, I haven't tried many K-beauty lip balms, but Sioris More Than Lip Balm is satisfying.   

Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm

Where to buy Sioris My First Essener and Sioris More Than Lip Balm?  

You can order all Sioris products from the brand's Amazon page. 100ml of Sioris My First Essener costs $32 on Amazon, while 4g of Sioris More Than Lip Balm costs $12.   

Overall, Sioris has great products which I recommend for an entire year-long - they are affordable and sustainable.   

Have you ever tried Sioris before?



*** This post was made in a collaboration with Sioris and Bazzaal
even though it still shows my personal opinion on the topic and product.***

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