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Friday 2 March 2018

Things I wish I knew when I started my skincare routine innisfree meldvici whamisa laneige

It's been two ages since I've started to focus on my skincare more than before, I mostly use Korean beauty products and I can admit I made lots of skincare mistakes during my whole skincare journey. I want to share with you some tips which might help you and which I wish I knew before I started my routine. Even if your routine is ready and it works for you grab a tea and take some time to read these tips - maybe you'll find something for you.

Tip #1: Don't put too many products at once

Changing the whole routine at the same time is not the best idea - you won't be able to see the results clearly and if something goes wrong you don't know which product caused it. It's better to try one new product every couple weeks than add 100 new product at the same time. 

Tip #2: Your skin needs about 28 days to see the results

There's something like skin cell cycle and on average it takes about 28 days - with age it gets slower. It's a little bit like with menstrual cycle, but in this case, new skin cell are made and with time they'll die or I should rather say replaced by new skin cells. That's why it's better to use the product for a month and then see if it works for you or not (unless it breaks you out almost 5 seconds after you apply it, then just throw it in the trash).

Tip #3: Healthy skin barrier = happy skin

Skin barrier protects the deeper layers of the skin from all the bad guys like bacteria, etc. If your skin gets dry and flakey it might be related to the skin barrier. Think about skin barrier as about wall or a firewall on your computer. If your skin has a good protection it won't be vulnerable to the environmental factors or bacteria. 

Tip #4: Quality over a design and quantity

I'm aware that we all buy some products because of the packaging - that how I've ended up with Missha x Frida Kahlo cushion which destroyed my skin almost immediately. Instead of buying a cheap serum with lots of bad substances for your skin think about buying a bit more expensive ampoule with better ingredients for your skin - usually, ampoules are more concentrated than serum. The design is important but it's not as important as what's inside the product. 

Tip #5: Focus on ingredients

I've started to care more about what's inside of the products and how each ingredient work on my skin - every skin is different, I might react to Butylene Glycol but for example, your skin won't. Try to learn more about your skin and what ingredients and products your skin prefer. 

Things I wish I knew when I started my skincare routine innisfree meldvici whamisa troiareuke

Tip #6: Your routine doesn't have to take 3 hours or more

Your skincare doesn't have to be made out of 10 or even 20 products. I had a moment a year ago when I tested some extreme over 10 steps skincare routines to check if it'll change something and honestly, I prefer to keep max. 12 steps if I really need it - normally, I'll use 3 - 6 steps as a base and it depends on my skin condition and problems.

Tip #7: Use products suitable for your skin

I do not check the recommendations such as - this cream is for dry skin, and this one is for oily. What I try to focus on instead is does this product has alcohol? Does it have Centella? Does it contain soy oil? I know how my skin reacts to alcohol and soy so if a product contains all these 3 ingredients I'll probably try to find the one with Centella and without two other ingredients. If a product might be bad for your skin just don't buy it - try a product which you are 98% sure that it'll fit your skin. 

Tip #8: Get a pair of good shades

I got this question a lot - how about suncare for eyelids and under eye area? I know that some people use sunscreen on these areas but for me, good shades are a form of a protection. Eyelids are way more sensitive and honestly, without shades, I wouldn't exist during the spring and the summer since I'm really sensitive to pollen and putting some products over my eyelids like theBalm eyeshadows are ending for me with a waterfall from my eyes. I get additional sun protection plus I look cool AF!

Tip #9: pH matters

Do you know that acne-bacteria loves pH over 6? Our skin pH is around 4.5 - 5.5 and keeping your pH around this value can change a lot in your routine. If you choose a cleanser - try to find one with pH around 5.5 and without harsh chemicals. 

Tip #10: Be careful with actives

I know that some people put Vitamin C and AHA or BHA almost at the same moment on their skin but too many actives can be harmful to your skin! Honestly, I see better results when I use AHA once or twice a week and when I removed Vitamin C from my routine. Remember that if you plan to use actives then you'll need that sunscreen to protect your skin. 

Things I wish I knew when I started my skincare routine benton tea tree cleansing water

Tip #11: Check your health!

Some skin problems are related to the health. I had a bad experience with dermatologists but still, I recommend you to visit a dermatologist, do a blood test, check thyroid hormone as well as other hormones or even check your allergies, level of vitamins and minerals. It's important to check your health before you start changing your skincare routine, sometimes skin problems are related to other health conditions or lifestyle. 

Tip #12: Patch test - not really that useless

I know that patch test seems to be useless but for me they are lifesavers! I had a situation when I did a patch test on my leg - probably the most sensitive part of my skin and it turned out that the product has an allergen and it was better to do a patch test than put the product on my whole face. 

Tip #13: Skincare is not only about cosmetics

Lots of people still think that skincare is all about products you put on the skin but in fact, skincare is also related to our lifestyle, health & diet. Stress, a poor diet without minerals and vitamins, lack of sleep, allergies and many other factors can change the condition of the skin. Actually, skin can be the key to some serious diseases and we shouldn't neglect these signs. 

Tip #14: Use your brain

Literally, use your brain. Skincare is about chemistry, biology, physics, marketing and even linguistics. Before you buy a product learn more about your skin type, ingredients and products itself. You might now remember all the ingredients - who knows them all anyway? But there are apps & websites like cosdna or skincarisma that help you check ingredients and learn more about them. With time it gets easier to learn which ingredient is good or bad for your skin. 

Tip #15: Check the industry - don't buy first better brand

I like to believe that every brand is true to their philosophy but sometimes I feel like a brand lied to me. Before you buy a product learn more about a brand and their ethics like animal testing or where the ingredients are from. It might not mean much to you but I think that brands that focus on environment and people are more trustworthy. 

Things I wish I knew when I started my skincare routine wayskin

Tip #16: Patting > Rubbing

Patting your skin with your fingers is better than rubbing - all the time, no matter if you apply cream or toner, patting is better because it increases blood flow, absorption and collagen production. 

Tip #17: You can skip the towel

Yep, if you apply a toner after cleansing just skip the towel. Usually, towels should be changed after every use but it's impossible if you do not have paper towels + you make more waste with using a paper towel. After cleansing just tap the water into the skin and then use a toner and tap it again. The water after the cleansing will give you more moisture. 

These are the tips I want to share with you. Because it's been two years I've decided to make a small giveaway. Unfortunately, this time is all about Instagram - the giveaway you can find on my account: @betweendots.

What thing would you like to know before you've started focusing on skincare? Are there any tips you would like to share with others?

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